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NOW Foods Honored with Highest Presidential Award for Outstanding Export Growth

US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has presented NOW International, the export division of NOW Foods, with the highest Presidential award for significant growth in exports over the past three years.

The “E Star” award was presented in a ceremony at the Department of Commerce Building in Washington DC. Accepting the award on behalf of NOW International was Al Powers, President of NOW Health Group, Jim Emme, Chief Operations Officer and Philip Pittsford, NOW International Sales Manager.

“President Obama’s National Export Initiative goal of doubling U.S. exports and supporting 2 million jobs over the next five years has raised the profile of the importance of exports to our nation’s continued economic recovery,” Secretary Locke said. “NOW International is being honored today for its achievement in enhancing export growth, which helps strengthen our economy and create American jobs.”

In presenting the award Secretary Locke said “I want to congratulate you on your achievement, and for supporting critical export-related jobs for American workers. President Obama’s initiative was designed with one overriding goal: to get people back to work in jobs that that provide security, dignity, and a sense of hope for the future. It’s businesses like yours with a proven record of success that are going to help us meet or exceed that goal.”

The President’s E Star award, the highest export award given by the US Commerce Department, recognizes previous recipients of the President’s E Award for continued superior performance in increasing or promoting exports. This year E and E Star awards were given to 22 companies. NOW received its first President’s E award in 2007.

“The NOW International sales team deserves a big hand for continuing to grow our international sales in the face of much adversity with significant economic and regulatory challenges around the world,” said NOW President Al Powers. “This achievement represents a great team effort that could not have been realized without the dedication of our production and quality teams and all of our departments that regularly support our international sales efforts. The award recognizes that NOW is making an important contribution to the American economy and helping the U.S. to continue to be an important exporter of consumer goods around the world.”

The President's "E" Award Program was established by Executive Order on December 5, 1961, to honor persons, firms, or organizations which contribute significantly to increasing exports from United States. It is the mark of excellence for any company engaged in exporting manufactured goods or services and for export service providers. The period of consideration for an "E" Award covers the most recent four years of export operations.

Secretary Locke’s remarks can be read here:

The DOC news release is here:

About NOW Foods
Founded in 1968, NOW Foods is an award-winning manufacturer of over 1,500 natural dietary supplements, sports nutrition, personal care products, and health foods. The company employs over 500 individuals and its products are sold in 70+ countries. For over 40 years, NOW Foods has remained family owned and operated, and committed to its original mission of providing value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.

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