NOW® Foods Offers Free Weekly Health E-Newsletter

Bloomingdale, IL – NOW® Foods' mission is to "provide value in products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives." In keeping with that mission, the company has launched a free weekly Health E-newsletter that delivers reliable information on a wide variety of health-related topics.

“We know that people want to take charge of their health, but increasingly busy schedules do not leave much time to research or read the latest medical studies,” said company president and founder Elwood Richard. “

NOW’s weekly Health E-newsletter is a convenient source of the latest information on the benefits of nutrition, exercise, and dietary supplements to help consumers make intelligent decisions about their health. Each weekly edition contains articles on Aging, Bone Health, Diabetes, Heart Health, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Vitamins, Industry News, and many other relevant topics. The information is emailed to subscribers in an easy-to-access, easy-to-read format that lets them browse the article titles and then link to the articles that interest them.

In order to present the most credible information available, NOW’s research team draws from peer-reviewed research in medical and scientific journals to provide factual, objective information. They also review a network of trusted information sources and republish articles that they feel would be interesting and valuable to subscribers.

NOW’s writing staff follows strict guidelines to assure that every article written is based on sound science and is written in language that everyone can understand. For example, study results are quantified so the significance is clear and references are included to support all statements. Readers who are interested in more information may refer to these references for further study.

NOW’s well-qualified research and writing team includes: Greg Arnold, D.C.; Sheila Russell, Ph.D.; Martha King, B.Sc., M.L.S.; and Amy Kosowski, M.S., LDN.

Additionally, NOW often responds to misinformation in the media and takes the lead in defending consumers' access to dietary supplements. NOW’s "Truth Advocate", Neil Levin, CCN, sets the record straight on false or misleading information that tarnishes the industry's reputation. His articles and letters to editors are included in the e-newsletter.

Subscribers who currently enjoy NOW® Foods’ FREE, weekly Health E-newsletters have said about the service:

"I love your weekly newsletter, especially the new compressed format. I read all the articles and share the information with loved ones and friends. Your information has helped in so many ways. I can't say anything but the simple words THANK YOU. Keep up the good work and strong ethics."
Beth M.

"I enjoy your emails and the information is really helpful. Great idea to have the one email and then choose what interests you have."
Camille H.

"I really like the new format. The newsletter is great and I actually read more of the articles now than I did before. Everything is on one page and catches your interest. Nice change!!"
Carla S.

Anyone may sign up at for the NOW weekly Health E-newsletter.

NOW® Foods ( is a family owned and operated natural products manufacturer/distributor with a 35-year legacy of providing high quality nutritional supplements at affordable prices. The A-rated GMP certified facility boasts state of the art manufacturing capabilities. NOW maintains a Wet Lab and an Analytical Lab with industry leading analytical methods to assure ingredient Identity and potency, as well as a Microbiology Lab to test for contaminants. NOW employs one of the finest teams of product quality experts in the supplements industry. They conduct specialized tests, analyses and inspections that allow the company to offer superior products that surpass every possible independent test.

The Richards' family pledge is "underlying NOW's commitment to quality is our commitment to you - to provide the best products available at a reasonable price and, thereby, play a meaningful role in the quality and extension of human life." For more information visit Come visit our plant in Bloomingdale, Il (tours by appointment).


Suzanne Shelton
[email protected]

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