NP Nutra launches wheatgrass, schisandra extract, and cranberry powder

NP Nutra launches wheatgrass, schisandra extract, and cranberry powder

At the recent SupplySide West trade show, NP Nutra introduced NutraGrass, XandraPure, and CranPhyto.

Drama, Passion and Lawyers in Las Vegas! SupplySide West’s 15th Show had it all. Not only was it the largest to date with over 9,700 visitors and 1,340 booths, it also showcased our nation’s innovation and captured our industry’s passion at the dramatic Town Hall meeting on NDIs.

At NP Nutra’s booth, Denise, Kris, Michel and Thomas met with thousands of attendees over the two days of the show, discussing hundreds of product applications and new projects, handing out hundreds of the beautiful NP Nutra calendars and giving away thousands of delicious handmade Hawaiian Toffee Treasures. Our team took particular pleasure in meeting many clients face to face, some of whom we had only known through telephone conversations prior to the show.

Trend spotting is always an important show ritual and our spotters can report that freeze dried ingredients generated a huge amount of interest due to their beautiful colors and fragrances. NP Nutra received unprecedented demand for samples of our NutraPura range of luscious freeze dried fruits and vegetables like Acai, Artichoke, Blueberry, Cranberry and Peach. Freeze dried ingredients cater to the consumer’s desire for whole foods and fulfil the need of a growing sector who require convenient solutions for shoring up nutritional deficiencies. 

Coconut products are still hot, hot, hot, with Coconut being used in a multitude of exotic and flavorful ways! NP Nutra’s CocoJiva™ and organic Coconut Water freeze dried created strong interest. Also of note was the plethora of Omega 3 sources on offer from Chia, Blackcurrant and Sea Buckthorn to NP Nutra’s own SachaOmega™, a proprietary organic cold pressed Sacha Inchi Oil with 92% Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3:6:9.

Supply Side is always a fantastic time for new product launches and NP Nutra used the opportunity to launch three additions to its Signature Range: NutraGrass™, a proprietary young Wheatgrass juice product, organically grown and rich in chlorophyll; XandraPure™, an organic water soluble Schisandra extract, and CranPhyto™, a freeze dried Cranberry powder with 4.36% PACs.

NP Nutra manufactures hundreds of botanical extracts and ingredients from the most exotic corners of the world. NP Nutra’s Signature Ingredient product line also includes antioxidant-rich AcaiVida™, water soluble PapayaFlow™, ORAC superstar MaquiForza™, xanthone-rich MangosteenRoyale™ and phytonutrient-rich BlueberrySante™. Contact NP Nutra for samples and more information on its many premium ingredients.

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