NP Nutra Presents Innovative Superfood Green and Berry Blends at Engredea 2012

NP Nutra Presents Innovative Superfood Green and Berry Blends at Engredea 2012

NP Nutra announced the debut of its first line of premium blended ingredients to be featured at the new Innovation Station at Engredea 2012, on Saturday March 10, at the Anaheim Convention Center.

NP Nutra’s new blends are the Green Balance™ Alkalizing Blend, a blend of potent green grasses and vegetables aimed at the burgeoning raw foods sector; and the Super Berry™ Antioxidant Blend, a phytonutrient-rich blend of ripe fruits and berries.

After receiving strong demand from existing customers, NP Nutra’s product development team set about creating two unique blends aiming at the Greens and Antioxidant categories. “Our customers are telling us that consumers are looking for solutions to the nutritional deficit in modern diets,” says Marina Linsley, NP Nutra’s Marketing Director. “People are still not able to meet nutritional guidelines for consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables.”

Show attendees wishing to sample these brand new blends can visit the Innovation Station at Engredea on Saturday afternoon between 1-4 pm where NP Nutra’s friendly team will be whipping up tasty smoothies featuring the blends and passing out additional product information.

“We’re very excited about our blends’ debut at Engredea,” said Marina Linsley. “It’s the perfect opportunity to share our products with an audience that shares our dedication to pure, high quality natural products, healthy living and sustainable business practices.”

NP Nutra has experienced phenomenal growth since its foundation in 1998. NP Nutra offers a full line of organic and superfruit ingredients manufactured in its facilities all over the world and stocked at its 26,000 square foot facility in the greater Los Angeles area. NP Nutra’s organic and natural ingredients serve the needs and desires of health conscious consumers around the world. Contact NP Nutra for further information.


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