NPA sees surge in retail membership

NPA sees surge in retail membership

More than 75 retailers have joined the Natural Products Association in just the past two months.

The Natural Products Association (NPA) is experiencing major growth in natural products retail membership. More than 75 retailers have joined NPA in just the past two months. NPA serves as the leading trade association for retailers in the natural products industry, ranging from small independent retailers to some of the largest chains in the country. Retailers can make business-to-business connections and learn how Congressional and regulatory activity affects their business at

Dozens of retailers have joined NPA as part of a special outreach program to attend NPA MarketPlace 2012, the longest running natural and healthy lifestyle products trade show. In addition, NPA has just teamed up with a comprehensive general liability and property insurance provider to expand NPA membership to retailers that sign up for insurance benefits.

“NPA is the only trade association that brings together industry retailers and product manufacturers. As a retailer myself, I know how important NPA has been to my business,” said Jeff Wright, president of NPA. “NPA offers a wide range of money-saving programs, but most importantly, we advocate for retailers with Congress and regulatory agencies. By standing together, we can fight adverse legislation and regulations that impact our ability to have access to the products that our customers love to use.”

“NPA has implemented a solid plan for membership marketing during the past six months. We are pleased to see our efforts are successful and we are moving in the right direction,” said Kim Dresser, vice president of membership and communications. “NPA will continue to focus on building our membership base and letting natural products retailers know how NPA can benefit their business.”


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