NPCI seminar to highlight how to secure financing

NPCI seminar to highlight how to secure financing

Full-day workshop willprovide insights and tips on how entrepreneurs can improve their odds of obtaining financing.

Getting a company capitalized is perhaps the most difficult, time-consuming and frustrating part of building a business. “Financing Your Consumer Products Company,” a packed, full day workshop will demystify the terms and process and provide insights and tips on how entrepreneurs can improve their odds of successfully obtaining financing. In addition, participants will hear directly from industry-leading entrepreneurs who raised venture capital and then grew and sold their companies, investment bankers, investors and other industry experts.

Topics include: Determining financing needs, structuring deals, understanding term sheets, issues and trade-offs pertaining to friends and family rounds, angels, debt, and venture capital. Also covered are key areas such as expected presentation materials, working with investment bankers, building company value, valuation methodologies, exit strategies, crowd funding, IPO’s and more.

The seminar will be led by Bob Burke and Michael Burgmaier. Bob Burke is co-author of The Natural Products Field Manual, and The Sales Manager’s Handbook. Bob is a consultant in the natural and specialty products industry and former VP of Sales and Corporate Development at Stonyfield Farm. Michael Burgmaier is an investment banker (Silverwood Partners), and former consultant (Royal River Associates) and former venture capital investor (CEI Community Ventures) in the food & beverage/ Healthy Living sectors.

Special guest speakers include experts on debt financing, strategic investors, venture capitalists, investment bankers and entrepreneurs who have successfully raised capital. This seminars speakers include: Keith Kohler, President, The K2 Group LLC, Gregg Bagni, White Road Investments, Andrew Whitman, 2x Consumer Product Growth Partners, Neil Kimberly, The Hershey Company, Amol Dixit, General Mills Ventures, and Ryan Caldbeck of CircleUp.

Valued sponsors of the event are: The Volkman Group, Trade Insight, Buyer’s Best Friend, Perkins Coie, Rachel Kay Public Relations, Silverwood Partners, and Nutrition Capital Network.

The seminar will be held on June 28 at The Law Offices of Perkins Coie, LLP  131 S. Dearborn St., Suite #1700, Chicago, IL 60603. The rate is $699. If you register by June 1, 2012, take the early bird discount and save $200. Additional discounts are available for additional people from the same company.

For more information, please visit: You are also welcome to call 978-975-9902 or email:

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