NPI Bites Review - Guayakí's Java Maté

NPIcenter Rating: Rating of 4.5

Let me start by stating that I am a pretty heavy coffee drinker - I like it strong. I know all the Starbucks locations in LAX, O'Hare and most other hubs around the country, so when the opportunity to review Guayakí's Java Maté came along, I jumped at it. I started by brewing the Dark Roast. I brewed it in our regular coffee maker at the office, and didn't tell anyone. To my surprise, not one of the fanatical coffee drinkers complained. A couple have even asked if we will be brewing it on a regular basis. The product looks like coffee, and after a couple of sips starts to have that bold nutty taste that you would expect from coffee. You soon forget that you are actually drinking Yerba Maté. The Java Maté has Ramón nut in it to give it the "coffee" like flavor. It has approximately half the caffeine (naturally occurring) of a brewed cup of coffee, 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids and antioxidants. ( So as an alternative to the morning caffeine hit, you can't really go wrong. The product also contains organic ingredients and is certified Kosher. The Vanilla Nut is smooth and mellow, (I'll put in that I actually despise flavored coffees and teas, but found this blend to be more Mate than Vanilla - a pleasant surprise) . It held its own against the coffee and offered the subtle vanilla flavor. I won't turn my nose up at a Vanilla Nut Java Maté Latté. And the winner is... Mocha Maca. Combining the Yerba Maté with a bit of organic chocolate, organic cinnamon and some organic cloves gives it the fullness and an added richness that come with a super strong cup of coffee. If you are still trying to acquire a taste for the straight Yerba Maté - hint - add a bit of honey - then the Java Matés should certainly help you get to that mellow zone of relaxation and enjoyment. The price is a little up there with an SRP of $10.99 (you can find it in the stores and online for less) but keep in mind that Guayakí is also a market leader with 70% of the Yerba Maté market, so you are paying a bit for brand. It's available in the US market as well as in Canada. Price isn't everything when it comes to purchasing Guayakí products. I can't do a review of the products and not mention that Guayakí as an organization holds core to the principles of environmental, cultural, and socioeconimic sustainability. Paying a little bit more, in comparison to coffee or tea, is a fairly easy decision once you get to know the company. The story about Guayakí and David Karr is an interesting read ( Also available on the Guayakí website is a virtual tour of the cultivation, harvesting, and processing ( Get to know Guayakí, feel good and enjoy your Java Maté. I've gone two days without a coffee! My name is Jason... That's the bite of it.

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