NPI Bites Review - SMARTFISH Omega-3 supplement from Nature's Harmony

NPIcenter Rating: Rating of 4.5

Finally, someone has developed a better way for getting fish oil into our kids. We all know the benefits of daily fish oil supplementation in kids on mood and brain support - not to mention the heart health. Given that, when I was growing up, and I'm sure a lot of you can relate, I was given the daily tablespoon of cod liver oil. Things have definitely come a long way and in terms of taste are heading in the right direction. This new product from Nature's Harmony called SMARTFISH is an imaginative method of getting kids to take their omega-3 fish oils.

Nature's Harmony has taken the molecular distilled fish oil from deep, cold water fish (Anchovies, Herring/Sardines and Mackerel) and put it into a fun colorful ketchup-like pouch. The product is creamy and similar to the consistency of pudding. They've added a slight orange taste as well that isn't overpowering. Each pouch contains a good amount of Omega 3's (630mg - 340mg EPA and 225mg of DHA) and Omega 6's (50mg).

Up until recently I had been giving my boys (four and seven years old) daily fish oil in the traditional supplement format. It was a challenge. I had avoided the liquid formats because of taste and smell and the wonderful "fish burps" (which always seemed to happen when talking face-to-face - go figure). When I introduced the SMARTFISH product to them they took to it quickly. My oldest asked for more (the packaging recommends 1 sachet per day), but was told he would have to wait until the next day. He was disappointed but the next day he actually asked me for his SMARTFISH.

The product seems to have hit an accord at our house, and I'm glad for it. It's now a simple matter of ripping open the package and giving it to them along with their breakfast. It's not messy and they can squeeze it out all on their own.

I'm excited about the Omega-3 category and really like the way that products are moving with thought put into the delivery aspect for our children. I take daily fish oil supplements and am very cognizant of the fishy aftertaste and the wonderful after-burps. Having the availability of a fun and functional supplement for our kids, without the smell, taste and aftereffects is a bonus.

The product is packaged in a box of 28 sachets and has a suggested retail price of $29.99 CDN and I've seen it online for about €22.49 or £14.99.

For more information on the product you can visit Nature's Harmony.

As always, if your store is offering this product let me know and I'll add your contact information into the article.

That's the bite of it.

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