NPI, Pet Kelp partner on seaweed-based pet supps

NPI, Pet Kelp partner on seaweed-based pet supps

Pet Kelp offers a variety of seaweed-based nutrition boosters for dogs and cats that can be sprinkled on pet food to provide extra vitamins and minerals.

Pet Kelp, a company that produces an innovative line of pet supplements and treats leveraging the nutritional power of seaweed, has partnered with Nutritional Products International (NPI) for the nationwide distribution of its products.

The company, a family business based in California, offers a variety of seaweed-based nutrition boosters for dogs and cats that can be sprinkled on quality pet food to provide the extra vitamins and minerals they need. Pet Kelp also recently launched its line of pet treats, Kelpies, which provide essential nutrients in a soft-chew snack that dogs and cats are sure to enjoy.

“We are very excited to expand our distribution across the U.S. with the help of NPI, and we feel that this is going to be a great partnership,” said David Grover, owner of Pet Kelp. “Our products are exactly what pet owners need to ensure that their pets are healthy for the long term. It’s our goal to help people give their dogs and cats the very best in nutritional care.”

The Pet Kelp line of dual-action supplements includes its Wellness Formula, specifically created to boost pets’ immune systems by providing valuable antioxidants from natural Nova Scotia blueberries. There is also the Skin and Coat Formula, which enhances omegas from organic flax flour and promotes the growth of thick, healthy fur. And, Pet Kelp’s Bone and Joint Formula is a veterinarian-recommended blend that provides pets with the suggested levels of glucosamine and chondroitin for improved mobility.

Kelpies are available in a variety of flavors, including blueberry, cranberry, pumpkin and apple, allowing owners to give their pets a healthy boost while rewarding them with a tasty snack for good behavior. The treats are soft-chew and feed very well.

As a company, Pet Kelp is based on generations of fishing families in Nova Scotia, who for years have used ocean kelp as a mineral and vitamin supplement to keep livestock and pets healthy and happy. Kelp is one of the most nutrient-rich plants in the world, containing many vitamins and a full set of trace minerals that help animals regulate energy, digest food and enhance their immune, skin and bone systems.

“Pet Kelp is truly providing something different when it comes to how people give their pets the vitamins and nutrients they need for optimal health and well being,” said Brian Gould, Director of Operations for NPI. “Pet owners want only the best for their dogs and cats, and that’s exactly what Pet Kelp delivers. This brand has a great deal of potential for long-term success in the American market.”


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