NPRI Now Offers CLA Powder with WARF Patents

Unique Fatty Acid Powder Offers FDA-Approved Claims for Weight Management

July 11, 2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Nutri Pharmaceuticals Research, Inc. (NRIP.PK) recently announced the availability of patented CLA oil in a powder form. O2P(TM) Patented CLA Powder enables users to make FDA-approved claims based on CLA's ability to reduce weight gain and fat content while promoting lean muscle mass development.

According to Mr. Don Rader, Chief Research Scientist, "CLA is a unique fatty acid. Although an omega-6, research has shown its ability to act more as an omega-3 once inside the body. Offering a powder form with access to the major WARF (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation) body composition patents on CLA, as well as other related patents, enables manufacturers to make specific, FDA-approved health claims."

According to the company, both their existing non-patent CLA, as well as the WARF-patent CLA are free-flowing, stable powders. With a shelf life of two years, the WARF-patent CLA powder is self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe), enabling its use in both food and nutraceutical product applications. Based on a daily CLA intake of between 1..7g/d to 3.6g/d, the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the following four health claims: 1) Reduces weight gain; 2) Increases lean muscle mass; 3) Reduces the amount of body fat; and, 4) Maintains body weight level

NPRI's new CLA Powder utilizes its proprietary O2P(TM) Oil-to-Powder process. Mr. Rader states that the O2P(TM) process converts most edible oils, gels or pastes into a free-flowing powder without affecting the base oil isomeric structure, fatty acid profile, color, taste or aroma. The O2P(TM) process does not rely on traditional techniques that utilize extremes in heat or cold, or encapsulating technologies. This facilitates food marketing and supplement producers ability to create functional foods and nutraceuticals by adding anti-oxidants, specific EFAs, or other fatty acids such as EPA, GLA, DHA and, now, CLA with specific health claims.

Nutri Pharmaceuticals Research, Inc. provides a wide range of powdered oils for functional food, food supplement, cosmetic, pet food and animal feed applications. The Nutrition Business Journal has awarded the O2P(TM) Powderization Process (patent-pending) its Product Merit Award. The company currently offers more than 40 shelf-stable powders. The company can also apply O2P(TM) powderization to third-party's oil, paste or gel through an arrangement called tolling.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, the company has representative sales offices near Chicago, Amsterdam, San Jose (Costa Rica) and Bangkok. Nutri Pharmaceuticals Research, Inc. shares are currently traded in the United States on the Pinksheets under the symbol NRIP.PK.

Additional product technology information may be found at the Web site or or by contacting NPRI at 1-702-871-6300.

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