NSF Announces First Ingredient Certification

(Ann Arbor, MI) - NSF International (www.nsf.org), The Public Health and Safety Company™, announces the first ingredient certification with the WellAble Group Marine Biological & Chemical Plant. NSF is the world leader in standards development, product certification, education and risk-management services for public health and safety. The NSF Dietary Supplements Certification Program is certifying WellAble for D-Glucosamine HCL.

Pharmore Ingredients Inc., a significant distributor of D-Glucosamine HCL, was instrumental in assisting and supporting WellAble in the NSF product and plant certification process. The NSF Dietary Supplements Certification Program helps manufacturers build credibility for their company and brand names by providing independent testing and certification for their products and processes. NSF conducts formulation reviews, plant audits and laboratory testing to verify conformance to NSF Draft American National Standard 173-Dietary Supplements. Standard 173 was developed through a consensus process with input from dietary supplement manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, health care practitioners and public health officials. The standard provides methodology and evaluation criteria to verify ingredient identities and quantities, tests dietary supplements for specific undeclared contaminants and conformance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). WellAble successfully met all of the requirements of the NSF program and received certification for D-Glucosamine HCL. Companies looking to source D-Glucosamine HCL, can choose the WellAble brand with confidence knowing that it has met the criteria for NSF certification.

“We are proud to have our first ingredient certification program with WellAble,” said Dennis R. Mangino, Ph.D., NSF President and CEO. “The program represents an important step towards ensuring product quality. We look forward to offering this program to other ingredient suppliers as NSF continues its active role in the dietary supplement industry.”

WellAble Marine Biological and Chemical Plant is a well-known industrial enterprise in Fujan providence of the People’s Republic of China specializing in biochemical and aquatic food processing. WellAble has the utmost advanced technology, equipment, R&D laboratory as well as excellent human resources. WellAble (www.wellable.com) and Pharmore Ingredients, Inc. (www.pharmoreingredients.com) have worked closely together for many years to ensure that their customers receive only the highest quality D-Glucosamine products. Their commitment to quality was evident by their compliance to all appropriate cGMP requirements.

NSF International, a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, is the leading global supplier of risk-management services in public health and safety. NSF services include product certification and safety audits for the food and water industries. Other services include management systems registrations delivered through NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd., and education through the NSF Center for Public Health Education. NSF is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Food Safety and Drinking Water Safety and Treatment. Serving companies in more than 83 countries, NSF was founded in 1944 and is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich.

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