Nu-Life Introduces SUPER OMEGA 3 ONE-A-DAY

RICHMOND HILL, ON, Sept. 16 /CNW/ - Nu-Life Nutrition Ltd. of Richmond Hill, ON has introduced Canada's first SUPER OMEGA 3 ONE-A-DAY fatty acid supplement providing Canadians with a simple and cost efficient means to ensuring that they include the recommended amount of Omega 3, a vital component of a healthy life, in their diet.

Called OMEGAPUR, SUPER OMEGA 3 ONE-A-DAY, Nu-Life's breakthrough product, delivers 720 mg of Omega 3 EPA/DHA at the lowest cost per day, the lowest cost per mg. Its convenient single pill per day dosage simplifies nutrition, ensuring that more Canadians will get the fatty acids they require.

Nutritional researchers and health professionals recommend that Canadians include Omega 3 Essential fatty Acids (EFAs) in their diet for improved health, especially in the area of cardiovascular health. The American Heart and Stroke Association recommends 1000 mg of Omega 3 daily, which can be derived from foods or from supplements. Since most Canadians do not consume sufficient amounts of appropriate fish in their diet as recommended by the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, nutritionists recommend achieving the
target intake level of Omega 3 via a nutritional supplement.

Omega 3 is a naturally occurring substance found in marine creatures as well as in flax and other foods. The Omega-3 fatty acids (EFAs) of particular interest include EPA and DHA, both found predominantly in fish and fish oils. These fatty acids have been shown to be particularly valuable in the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease, arthritis, skin health, immune support, cognitive function, and general well-being. In addition to cardiovascular benefits such as lowering blood triglycerides, fatty acids have been shown to benefit brain function, skin quality and retinal health.

Nu-Life has formulated OMEGAPUR SUPER OMEGA 3 ONE-A-DAY to the very highest standards. For many Canadians this makes the product preferable to eating fish which contains many contaminants including mercury, PCBs and dioxins. Nu-Life's OMEGAPUR SUPER OMEGA 3 ONE-A-DAY is

- Molecular distilled
- Pharmaceutical grade
- Premium wild fish source - mackerel, sardine, anchovy
- No taste, odourless, steam de-odourized
- Super concentrated
- Heavy metal tested and toxin-free, no PCB's, no peroxides, no dioxins

Nu-Life Nutrition Ltd.

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