NuGenix Launches BodyGenix--The First Scientifically- Customized Nutritional Supplement Regimen

BodyGenix Uses Breakthrough Technology to Create the Perfect Match for Everyone

BERWYN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 7, 2002--NuGenix is a direct selling company focused on developing a large network of distributors who will market direct-to-consumer customized nutritional and personal care products.

NuGenix announces the official launch of BodyGenix(TM) Nutritional Regimen. The product is currently the most advanced customized nutritional supplement program in the world. At a meeting held on August 3, BodyGenix(TM) Nutritional Regimen was introduced to a select group of prospective distributors by a panel of the company's scientific advisors. GeneLink (OTCBB: GNLK), a strategic partner and licensor to NuGenix, also had its scientists attend the launch to help explain the many benefits of their cutting edge technology. Using GeneLink's state-of-the-art collection and evaluation process, NuGenix offers its customers a completely customized nutritional supplement program designed by examining the individual's genome. The products are available to the public today; they will be sold exclusively through a network of direct-to-consumer distributors. Currently, NuGenix is projecting to exceed first quarter sales goals.

The process is as simple as using a toothbrush. First, using a collection kit supplied by GeneLink, the individual swabs the inside of his/her mouth and sends the sample to GeneLink's lab for analysis. In seven to ten days, he/she will receive a detailed Personalized Nutragenetic Profile Assessment that suggests which areas of health may benefit from additional nutritional support. The functional health areas included in the nutragenetic profile include oxidative stress, heart & circulatory health, immune health and environmental health. The reported information is used to suggest optimal nutrition and lifestyle modifications, including the customized nutritional supplement regimen. A 30-day supply of the regimen is included with the initial test results, and additional 30-day supplies will be shipped directly to the customer each month.

GeneLink, Inc. (OTCBB: GNLK), a pioneer DNA banking and hereditary genetic information service, has developed a proprietary method for genetic assessments (patents pending) and is beginning to license these breakthrough nutragenetic and dermagenetic profiles to companies that market or manufacture products for the $100 billion-plus skin care, nutritional supplement, and health care industries. The company received FDA clearance for its patented Collection Kit. For more information about GeneLink, visit

NuGenix is a privately held, limited liability corporation headquartered in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit or call 800-NUGENIX (800-684-3649).

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