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Nutiva named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.

Earning accolades in the Private Company Sector for the fourth year in a row, Nutiva made Inc. Magazine's list as a result of rapid growth stemming from dedication to providing the highest quality organic superfoods.

Nutiva®, the world's leading provider of organic coconut oil, hemp foods and chia seeds, has been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine. Earning accolades in the Private Company Sector for the fourth year in a row, Nutiva ranks at No. 2377 as a result of rapid growth stemming from its uncompromising dedication to providing the highest quality organic superfoods and commitment to "Nourishing People and Planet."

"This is the fourth consecutive year we've made the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Company list, which is a great endorsement of the superfoods industry," said Nutiva founder and CEO John W. Roulac. "Our customers are looking for nutrient-dense organic foods that enhance their health and fit into their busy lifestyles. Coconut, hemp and chia have nourished people in this way for many centuries."

A surging demand for superfoods
A mainstream popularity spike for superfoods—most notably coconut, hemp, and chia—is ongoing due to publicity in the popular media by such proponents as Dr. Oz. Nutiva is riding this wave of demand, resulting in its average 55 percent annual growth rate since 2002. In the past year alone, the demand for Nutiva's organic chia has increased five-fold and overall sales have doubled. More people than ever are discovering the rich nutritional benefits of superfoods that have been a source of human nourishment throughout history. Compare this to other discoveries being made about modern chemical-intensive GMO (genetically modified organism) corn and soy crops, which underpin unhealthy GMO vegetable oils and animal feedlots with their compromised meat and milk. Nutiva remains committed to maintaining the integrity of its ingredients while escalating its brand to beyond the one hundred million annual sales range. Organic integrity and support for family farmers is an essential part of Nutiva's operational backbone.

Relocation and new job opportunities
This month Nutiva moved its headquarters from Oxnard, in Southern California, to Point Richmond in the San Francisco Bay Area. The new location—10 times larger than Nutiva's previous home and complete with a state-of-the-art high-speed manufacturing facility—has brought with it more than fifty new job opportunities in 2012, and these added jobs may total a hundred in 2013. Nutiva's recent job fair attracted more than a thousand potential employees, and seasoned executives, including professionals formerly with such top brands as Spectrum Naturals, Calistoga Water and Real Goods Solar, have already joined the team.

Nutiva's pay-it-forward approach
Nutiva holds a "pay-it-forward" vision that includes donating 1 percent of its sales to groups promoting sustainable agriculture, as well as supporting the health and well-being of the communities in which it operates. This all happens within an overarching goal of revolutionizing the way the world eats. Nutiva has already partnered with the nonprofit group Common Vision to plant a fruit tree orchard at every one of the 25 public schools in Richmond. In the Philippines, Nutiva is giving away 35,000 coconut seedlings to independent farmers. Each tree will, in five years, yield up to 48 coconuts a year and produce a few dozen jars of Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil. The Nutiva 1 percent program is on track to donate $400,000 in 2012.


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