Nutra Bridge wins 2011 NBJ Small Company Growth Award

Nutra Bridge wins 2011 NBJ Small Company Growth Award

Nutra Bridge Corporation saw an estimated 100% growth in product revenues and it has been awarded the 2011 Nutrition Business Journal's Small Company Growth Award.

Nutra Bridge Corporation, based in Shoreview, Minnesota saw an estimated 100% growth in product revenues. Their portfolio is purely focused on patented, branded, blockbuster ingredients that possess top shelf scientific pedigrees, such as 7-Keto, a proven leader in the weight-loss category, MicroLactin, an ultra fast acting joint health solution and InSea2, the first dual-action starch- and sugar-blocker for bloodsugar management. This focus has meshed nicely with current market trends of top companies and fueled the growth in sales.

“It is truly an honor to receive this award and be recognized by The Nutrition Business Journal. We have chosen a business strategy to exclusively supply unique ingredients that are backed by solid human clinical studies and offer a proven benefit for consumers. In our opinion, this is the future of the supplement industry and essential to both long term growth as well as developing strong partnerships with industry leading companies,” said Scott Steil, President of Nutra Bridge.

Both clients and customers find working with Nutra Bridge to be well worth the investment for the company's industry knowledge and expertise. “Scott has a strong sensibility to understand the deep scientific content,” says Patrice Dionne, CEO of Quebec's InnoVactiv, a leader in nutraceutical and cosmetic ingredients. “He can transfer that knowledge into an effective commercial message that

customers understand.” On the customer side, Carl Pradelli, president of Nature's City, a Florida-based supplement manufacturer, believes that Nutra Bridge helps pre-qualify suppliers and maximize efficiency. “Scott does a lot of filtering for us,” says Pradelli. “I know that when Scott brings us an ingredient, the company behind it is well capitalized, has invested in research, and has all the characteristics we demand.”

NutraBridgeoffers innovative ingredients that help marketers of dietary supplements and functional foods create top shelf finished products. The company’s mission is to represent innovative, branded, and patented ingredients that are backed by world- class science supporting efficacy and safety. Our key

focus is on adding value to the supply chain by finding and helping develop unique ingredients and then offering them to marketing companies that truly value and require a strong scientific backbone for new product development. The exclusive product portfolio of Nutra Bridge includes: InSea2TM (blood glucose

support, Carb/Sugar blocker), PeptiBal TM (immune support / gut health), AuroraBlue TM (wild Alaska blueberry), MicroLactin® (joint health/sports recovery), Inzitol® (insulin mimetic) and 7-Keto® (weight loss).

For further information, please visit [email protected]

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