Nutraceutical Summit Renamed Nutra India Summit

The Summit organized by CFTRI, CSIR and MM Activ, is scheduled from February 16 to 18, 2011, at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai.

The Industry is now at the threshold of expansion and that was why the National Advisory Council felt that it was the right time to widen the base of the Summit and changed the events name to the Nutra India Summit which will consist of Nutraceutical Summit and the Nu Ffoods Expo.

The Nutra India Summit will incorporate more industry segments like functional foods, food supplements, ingredients, health foods and nutrition.

Over 40 industry captions and senior managers were present for the industry meet which was addressed by Dr. Ashok Vaidya, Research Director, Kasturba Health Society, Dr. V. Prakash, Director, Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Dr. Bhushan Karnik, Managing Director, GCI Nutrients (India) Pvt. Ltd., and Mr. Jagdish Patankar, Organizing Secretary, 6th Nutra Summit. Similar industry meets will be held in Bengaluru and New Delhi.

The three-day event to be held at the World Trade Centre in Mumbai will have International Conference, Keynote Lectures, NuFFooDS—Products & Ingredients Expo, B2B meetings, CEO summit, Poster Competition, Doctors and Nutritionists Forum and Nutra Awards. Over 500 delegates are expected to participate in the event.

The discussions and deliberations in the Conference will revolve around :

– Frontier & Future Areas in Functional Foods & Dietary Supplements- New Product Development.

– Production of Nutraceutical and the factors that make them more acceptable and palatable to the consumer.

– Process Engineering, Machinery, Equivalent in the process of Nutraceutical manufacturing.

– Natural Sources and the new and emerging Claims they make.

– Nutra Markets on the Growth Curve.

– Self Regulation & Building Consumer confidence.

– Traditional Knowledge and the impact on Nutraceutical development.

– Food Biotechnology, Nutregenomics. Pre & Pro- Biotics, Enzymes.

– Awareness of Intellectual property rights and infringements.

– Special Focus on Pediatrics and geriatrics.

Addressing the representatives, Dr. Ashok Vaidya stated that Nutra is something that impacts the health and wellbeing of every individual and therefore stressed the importance of CSR in this Industry, translated as not just Corporate Social Responsibility but as Concerned Social Responsibility at the core of this Industry.

Responding to various queries about the market in exports, Dr Vaidya felt that industry is making a mistake in just looking outward and that said India itself offers a big market about which Indian producers can think about first. This is made evident by the number of International players in the sector all entering Indian Market with health and wellness products.

Dr. Prakash narrated as to how the mindset about the Nutraceuticals is changing. At a Conference a few years back, he said, his slide in a presentation using the word Nutraceuticals was changed thinking that it was mistake and the word Pharmaceuticals was used in its place. But today it is a flourishing Industry Sector.

Along with the message of reduction in Carbon foot prints (CFPs) we should highlight the message of increasing the Nutra foot prints (NFPs), he suggested. Citing the example of an Indian curry festival held in Seoul in Korea, he said the world is now looking at Indian food due to the nutritional values in it.

Dr Prakash also felt that we should bring together the complementary role of Nutraceuticals and Nutrition, leveraging the benefits of nutraceuticals, functional foods, food and dietary supplements to offer better quality nutrition and offer solutions to the problems of malnutrition that face a large population in India today.

Some of the companies represented at the meet included Abbott Nutrition, Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Canada Trade Commission, EXIM Bank, Express Pharma, General Mills, Indo German, Interlink, Mead Johnson Nutrition, Frost & Sullivan, French Touch Spa, Praj Industries, Raptakos, Brett & Co. Ltd, Shree Dhootpapeshwar Limited, Shreya Life Sciences, Wyeth. The industry representatives present for the Meet suggested some of the key issues and concerns of the Industry, which the organizing committee will include in the final program.

After IT and BT revolutions, NT (nutraceuticals) Revolution will be one of the growth engines for India.
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