Nutraceutix awarded patent for BIO-tract probiotic delivery system

Nutraceutix awarded patent for BIO-tract probiotic delivery system

New delivery system protects probiotics from stomach acid and provides controlled release of live organisms to the intestinal tract.

The United States Patent Office has issued Nutraceutix, Inc. Patent No. 8,007,777 "Delivery System For Biological Component" for BIO-tract® dietary supplements containing probiotics. This new US patent is in addition to four international patents already awarded to Nutraceutix for BIO-tract in China, Australia, Russia and Singapore. Several related patents are still pending.

Unlike powders, capsules and cultured foods, BIO-tract tablets protect probiotics from damaging stomach acids, then gently release live organisms over time to the upper and lower intestinal tracts for optimal effectiveness. BIO-tract not only offers effective delivery for any probiotic organism, but takes advantage of the company’s patented LiveBac® process to extend probiotic shelf life far beyond other supplement forms, even at room temperature. 

“Securing this US patent is the result of a lengthy, rigorous process and asserts what we’ve known for quite some time:  BIO-tract caplets with LiveBac processing are unparalleled when it comes to the effective delivery of live probiotic organisms to the body,” explains Tim Gamble, President and CEO of Nutraceutix.  “No other probiotic dietary supplement format offers the outstanding combination of advantages and formulation flexibility that BIO-tract provides.”

Award-winning probiotic expertise
Nutraceutix has been custom manufacturing natural probiotic products since 1983. The company’s extensive expertise includes an unequalled collection of process and technology patents and patents pending. In 2010, Frost and Sullivan recognized these pioneering achievements with its North American “Technology Innovation of the Year” Award.

About Nutraceutix
Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Nutraceutix specializes in producing high-quality probiotics in bulk power, capsules and advanced tablets from its broad, factory-direct offering of natural probiotic organisms.

Nutraceutix is an NSF Certified GMP contract manufacturer and private labeler of probiotics and other premium nutritional supplements incorporating advanced stabilization processes and delivery technologies, like the patented BIO-tract delivery system, for quality conscious brands and retailers around the globe.

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