Nutraceutix, Inc. Announces Further Improvements in Probiotic Tablet Shelf-Life With Its Bio-Tract (TM) Gastric Bypass System

Nutraceutix is pleased to announce further improvements to probiotic tablet shelf-life resulting from enhancements to the synergy of patent-pending BIO-tractTM gastric bypass technologies and patented LiveBac® processes.

The patent-pending BIO-tractTM gastric bypass system, designed specifically for probiotic tablets, ensures delivery of significantly greater numbers of viable organisms past stomach acids to optimal attachment and colonization sites in the G.I. tract without the costs, production complexities and packaging complications of enteric coatings and other methods. BIO-tractTM tablets fully incorporate Nutraceutix's patented LiveBac® processing that ensures significantly extended shelf-life for probiotic tablets without the refrigeration that is typically associated with capsules and other forms of probiotics.

Extensive testing now confirms that the unique patent-pending formulation of BIO-tractTM gastric bypass tablets heightens the effectiveness of LiveBac® processes to improve already outstanding LiveBac® probiotic tablet shelf-life characteristics. Randy Schoenfeldt, Nutraceutix Vice President of Business Development, states, “As a result of continued development and refinements, Nutraceutix’s unique combination of LiveBac® processes and BIO-tractTM technology is delivering a truly exceptional probiotic tablet with distinctive shelflife and potency advantages that simultaneously benefit the brand, the retailer and the consumer.”

A prime manufacturer of probiotics since 1983, Nutraceutix emphasizes probiotic quality and viability, carefully considering strain source, growth characteristics, production efficiencies and delivery technologies. Nutraceutix house strains are naturally derived, classified as appropriate and effective for human use, and are not genetically engineered. LiveBac® and BIO-tractTM processes, technologies and benefits are probiotic strain-independent and may be applied to Nutraceutix in-house or approved third party strains under proper arrangement. Nutraceutix is also recognized for its expert application of patented controlled delivery technologies to produce superior once-daily dosage forms of Glucosamine (with or without Chondroitin and MSM), Vitamin-C, Ester-C®, Niacin and other suitable nutraceuticals. Nutraceutix-made products are selling in thousands of quality-conscious outlets today. All Nutraceutix production, manufacturing and packing facilities are located in the United States.

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