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Nutraceutix's probiotic delivery awarded patents in Canada, Japan

Nutraceutix's probiotic delivery awarded patents in Canada, Japan
These are the fifth and sixth international patents that BIO-tract has recently secured.

The Japanese Patent Office has formally issued Nutraceutix patent number 5041651 and the Canadian Patent Office has allowed the company patent application number 2461708, which it expects to formally issue in the coming days. These are the fifth and sixth international patents that the delivery technology has been recently awarded.

Tim Gamble, president and CEO of Nutraceutix, comments: “Many years ago, we recognized the need to overcome the major barriers to effective probiotic supplementation. After successfully addressing probiotic survival through manufacture and on the shelf with our patented LiveBac® processing, we focused on how to best deliver live organisms past damaging stomach acids to the intestinal tract. We started by researching advanced pharmaceutical principles, yet knew we had to develop a delivery technology that would be economically feasible in the nutritional supplement marketplace. The result is BIO-tract, which we, and our many BIO-tract customers, are proud to see recognized by the U.S. patent awarded last year and an increasing number of international patents.” 

Tony Blanch, director of quality for Nutraceutix adds: “There is no other delivery format that offers this combination of features, functions and benefits. BIO-tract is a hallmark for quality in probiotic dietary supplements that consumers, brands and researchers now routinely seek. These latest patents reinforce BIO-tract’s emerging position as the de facto industry standard for premium dietary supplements which truly deliver on the therapeutic potential of probiotics.”

BIO-tract products overcome the three major barriers to effective probiotic supplementation:

• Survival of beneficial, but fragile organisms through the manufacturing process
• Survival on the store shelf over extended timeframes, even at room temperature
• Survival past harsh stomach acids that weaken and destroy unprotected probiotic organisms.

How BIO-tract works
Once ingested, BIO-tract tablets quickly form a protective layer, which helps shield probiotic organisms from the harsh acidic conditions of the stomach.  After passing from the stomach to the intestinal tract, the tablets gradually release live organisms at rates determined by formulation.

Broad applications for BIO-tract
Use of the BIO-tract delivery system is not limited to probiotics. It has been applied to many other ingredients that benefit from effective gastric acid protection, buffering, controlled release and once-daily dosing. For many ingredients, BIO-tract offers optimal release rates from just a few hours to all day long.

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