Nutracon Asia to Cover Supplements, Cosmetics, Organics & Functional Food & Beverages

- Hong Kong, August 26-27, 2010

Building upon the success of the 2009 Nutracon Asia, the 2010 conference will continue to offer an information platform dedicated to the health and nutrition industry in Asia. Nutracon Asia offers a look at market trends, business opportunities, marketing strategies and regulatory issues facing the industry. If you are in research & development, sales, brand marketing, product innovation, and regulatory/QA, you cannot miss this educational opportunity.

4 Tailored Workshops:

The 2010 Nutracon Asia offers four distinct breakout workshops to ensure concentrated education focused on the issues most relevant to your business. Each workshop will last for 6 hours and will provide in-depth analysis and interactive discussions on current issues.

Workshops include:

• Dietary Supplement Workshop
Capitalize from understanding the latest developments regarding regulatory issues across Asia. The workshop will examine the international regulatory development for the dietary/health supplement market. Plus, it will provide a look at regulatory scenarios in the 10 ASEAN countries to assist you in overcoming challenges when considering Asia as part of your business future.

• Cosmetics Regulatory Workshop
This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview and look at the current regulatory and business environment of the cosmetics industry in China and Hong Kong. Industry experts will provide attendees with all they need to know concerning the latest market data, legal issues and practical case studies.

• Organic Business Workshop
If your company is involved in organic you’ll need to get up to speed on organic product accreditation issues, how to run an organic business in China and strategy required for operating an organic business. Renowned retailers from around the world will share their organic experience in this dynamic workshop. Learn from success stories and expand your organic business in Asia.

• Functional Food & Beverage Workshop
A renowned research-based company, industry associations and marketing experts come together to provide analysis on key trends and look at trends and opportunities across the food & beverage sector in Asia. Get the full picture with a market overview for functional food & beverage market complete with regulatory issues and marketing strategies so you can best understand how these trends impact your business.

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