Nutracon: A Not-To-Miss Event for the Health & Nutrition Industry

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Nutracon delivers critical knowledge on functional foods/beverages, nutraceuticals/supplements and cosmeceuticals. A premier education and networking conference, Nutracon is the place to get your finger on the pulse of the next generation of ingredients and hot growth market sectors. Register today!

Special guest appearance:

Tony Robbins

-Effective Strategies for the Wellness Revolution
Saturday March 6, 3:00-4:00 pm

"The Wellness Revolution" has been pronounced the next global economic wave, transforming the health care landscape and contributing to a higher standard of living for comsumers. Tony robbins will provide insights on the new model of wellness and the key strategies for driving success.

Friday, March 5, 2004 -- 8:30 am to 10:00 am

Nobel Laureate Louis Ignarro, Ph.D., Professor and Research Scientist at UCLA

Dr. Ignarro will discuss his 1998 Nobel Prize winning discovery of Nitric Oxide (NO) and its relation to L-arginine, which led to the development of the pharmaceutical drug Viagra. He will discuss the role NO can play in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease when coupled with dietary and lifestyle strategies. He will also review the potential role that NO plays in the health areas of impotence, cancer, arthritis and diabetes, how NO works in conjunction with L-arginine and other amino acids, as well as NO’s potential significance in the sports nutrition category.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004 -- 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
The Low Carb Phenomenon: Fact or Fad

Scott Kabak, President/COO, Atkins Nutritionals Inc.

The President and COO of Atkins Nutritionals, a leading company in the current low carb diet movement, will present his assessment of the growing low carb phenomenon.

Reported at sales of $1.4 billion for 2003, this movement has had a fast moving and profound impact on the mainstream food industry. Mr. Kabak will provide his predictions on how these developments will further impact new product development, food sales and the American diet in the future.

Presentation of a Nutracon Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Robert Atkins, In Memorium
Accepting the award on Dr. Atkins' behalf, Mrs. Veronica Atkins, Dr. Robert C. Atkins Foundation

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