NutraGenesis’ ESSENTRA® and OptiNutrin® Shine at NACS

Brattleboro, Vermont- November 7, 2007- NutraGenesis’ patented functional ingredients are making a big splash in three new beverage brands this week at the NACS show in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cott Beverages is utilizing both Essentra® and OptiNutrin® in their new Emerge™ Nutrient Infused Waters. The Emerge Into A Better Life™ line features Essentra® in both the Alert Tropical Passionfruit, and Relax Green Tea with Berry & Chamomile flavored waters, and OptiNutrin® in the Immunity Mandarin Orange. The Emerge™ line of nutrient infused waters features a 50 calorie, as well as a zero calorie option, plus essential vitamins and minerals, along with clinically proven Essentra® and OptiNutrin®.

Apple and Eve is presenting Essentra® in their new awake® good morning energy 100% juice + energy drink to “help alleviate stress, reduce fatigue, and improve mental clarity while restoring energy levels.” awake® light* an 80 calorie 30% juice, adds “control carb cravings” to the stress/energy claim with Essentra®TRIM. Both have a great tasting fruit blend flavor, a blend of energy-enhancing ingredients, and vitamins and minerals that that fill the need for an entirely new kind of healthy morning energy drink.

Alban Distributors is launching the first of its Animal Energy Drinks,featuring Essentra® to “help increase resistance to fatigue, stress and tension, help the body cope with stress, boost energy, reduce fatigue, and build stamina.” Essentra®, B-vitamins, caffeine, taurine and great taste capture the consumer with an eye-catching Animal Energy Tiger image.

NutraGenesis offers safe, effective, GRAS affirmed functional ingredients to leading food and beverage companies. “Better for you” ingredients like Essentra®, Essentra®TRIM, and OptiNutrin® possess substantiated functional food claims to help brands increase the value of their food or beverage products without pricing themselves out of the market. For more information call Lorna Kazokas, National Sales Manager at 802-257-5345, or e-mail [email protected]

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