NutraGenesis launches website for top-selling Sensoril ingredient

NutraGenesis launches website for top-selling Sensoril ingredient

New, easy-to-navigate website aims to educate consumers about the benefits of the Ashwagandha extract.

In order to provide consumers with the latest information about its top-selling nutraceutical ingredient, Sensoril®, NutraGenesis, LLC is launching a new website, Sensoril, a multipatented, all natural, standardized extract of the revered Ayurvedic adaptogen, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), contains the highest, most potent levels of stress-fighting, adaptogenic, cognition-enhancing Ashwagandha bioactives in the industry. Human clinical studies have shown that Sensoril provides these and other benefits, including energy, heart health and glucose management.

In addition, Sensoril  possesses an excellent safety profile and is GRAS-affirmed (Generally Regarded as Safe), which allows consumers to take Sensoril as a daily tonic 365 days a year.

Sensoril is sold exclusively by NutraGenesis under license from New Jersey based Natreon, Inc. was created exclusively for the dissemination of information about Sensoril and its multiple health benefits. The website contains background on why Sensoril is the mood-enhancing, stress-neutralizing nutraceutical of choice for many of America’s leading dietary supplement brands sold nationwide, as well as for consumers wishing to benefit from its experiential effects. These benefits are outlined in easy-to-understand language on the website. There you can also find a discussion of the causes of stress and tips for relieving it, a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), a list of dietary supplement products that contain Sensoril along with contact information for purchasing them, and recent Sensoril-related news. In addition, the site contains links to the business-to-business website as well as other sites related to stress and Sensoril’s additional benefits.

“The website demonstrates NutraGenesis’ continuing commitment to providing outstanding customer support for our ingredients. It will help consumers learn more about Sensoril, which possesses clinically proven health benefits and substantiated structure/function claims. The inclusion of a ‘Where to Buy’ page will also make it easier for consumers to identify and purchase products containing Sensoril,” says Suzanne McNeary, president of NutraGenesis. “We are very pleased with the launch of the new website as it will further reinforce and educate consumers and health professionals about the robust research platform which Sensoril enjoys. Both Natreon and NutraGenesis look forward to sharing the breadth of new science that is emerging on Sensoril,” added Dr. Sanni Raju, CEO and chairman of the board of Natreon, Inc.


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