NutraGenetics founder and CEO retires

NutraGenetics founder and CEO retires

Brubaker retires after 46 years, which included founding Leiner Health Products, the Feeling Fine Co., HealthWell Ventures and NutraGenetics LLC.

David Brubaker, Founder and CEO of NutraGenetics LLC, announced at the recent NACDS Merchandising Conference that he was retiring from the company at the end of June. Dave met with many friends, associates, retailers, to officially make the announcement in person. Dave is the Co-Founder of NutraGenetics and has served as its CEO since the company was started almost a decade ago. Dave has been a pioneer in the nutritional supplement industry, and retires after 46 years, that included the founding of Leiner Health Products in 1973, the Feeling Fine Company in 1997, in addition to HealthWell Ventures and NutraGenetics LLC.

Dr. Andrew Myers, President and Chief Science Officer said, "Bru will certainly be missed by everyone in the company and by his myriad of friends throughout the industry. His achievements within the industry are legendary. We understand and support his desire to do the things personally that he hasn't had time to do with business requirements, including his volunteerism in support of Vitamin Angels and Operation USA."

Dave said, "Having an opportunity to partner with two of the most extraordinary scientists in the health, wellness and nutrition business - Dr. Andrew Myers and our Noble Prize Winning Chairman, Dr. Lou Ignarro - was an incredible learning experience. It has been exciting to bring their emerging science from concept to retail shelves. Expanding my work with Vitamin Angels, as a member of their Board of Advisors, will hopefully enable them to expand their distribution of much needed Vitamin A, Prenatal Formulas, and Children's Multivitamins to the undernourished around the globe."

NutraGenetics LLC is a unique, science-based developer of nutritional supplements, functional foods, and sports nutritional products. The company partners with scientists, physicians, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of nutritional and personal care products to develop and bring to market innovative science-based formulations.


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