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Nutri-Health Supplements launches probiotic oral health mint

Nutri-HealthSupplements LLC has launched its new once-daily probiotic mint, FloraBright Healthy Breath Mints, a healthy and 100% natural way to whiten teeth and maintain optimal oral health.

Nutri-Health® Supplements LLC, formulator of the renowned Flora Source® Multi-Probiotic®, has launched its new once-daily probiotic mint, FloraBright Healthy Breath Mints™, a healthy and 100% natural way to whiten teeth and maintain optimal oral health.*

Open Wide: A Closer Look at Oral Health

Cosmetic dental work such as tooth whitening or bleaching has become a popular procedure as more Americans opt for a “quick-fix” option that promises a whiter smile. These procedures and the over-the-counter bleaching kits that have followed often whiten the tooth beyond its natural color—but at what price?

Dental whitening blasts each tooth with high levels of bleaching agents to quickly whiten the enamel surface. These chemicals can cause oral sensitivity, however, making long-term repeat treatments uncomfortable.

“Most patients don’t hear much from their dentists about the microflora naturally present in the mouth, especially when it comes to teeth whitening,” says Michael Lee, product development director for Nutri-Health. “Each of us has a delicate balance of beneficial flora, or bacteria, living in our mouth. These flora help naturally solve tooth and gum issues.”

Lee says that the bleaching agents used in many of the harsh whitening products can actually work against the mouth’s natural stores of microflora and upset this important balance.

Probiotics Whiten Teeth Safely and Naturally

FloraBright, Nutri-Health’s new probiotic whitening breath mint, makes use of advanced nutrient technology to combine particular strains of beneficial flora, or probiotics, into a blend specially formulated for your mouth.

“A lot of clinical research has gone into the probiotic strains in FloraBright,” says Lee. “These strains together form what I call a ‘super cleanser’ in your mouth. They crowd out the bacteria in your mouth that contribute to bad breath, and they work as a team to naturally produce peroxide that whitens teeth.”

“We’re taking a cue from your body’s inherent know-how by creating a microflora-friendly whitening mint that works with the natural health processes in your mouth,” says Lee.

FloraBright contains three probiotic strains, S. oralis KJ3™, S. rattus JH145™, and S. uberis KJ2™, to help:*

 Noticeably and naturally whiten teeth

 Crowd out “bad-breath” bacteria and freshen breath

 Promote healthy teeth and gums

FloraBright is a 100% natural probiotic whitening mint that contains no harsh bleaching agents and no artificial ingredients. Each spearmint-vanilla flavored mint is sweetened with stevia, a no-chemical sugar substitute, and is beneficial for both adults and children as a part of a daily oral hygiene routine.

Lee recommends one FloraBright mint each day, allowed to dissolve completely and swished around the mouth. This gives the mint’s active probiotics maximum access to teeth, tongue and gums.

FloraBright Healthy Breath Mints™ probiotic whitening supplement is available now in bottles of 30 mints at

About Nutri-Health Supplements

Nutri-Health Supplements, LLC, a subsidiary of Atrium Innovations Inc. (TSX: ATB), is a leading developer and marketer of probiotic, enzymes and other specialty supplements products. Its premium line of nutraceuticals consists of proprietary Multi-Probiotic® blends, supplement and enzyme formulations designed to address the specific health needs of consumers, predominantly digestive and immune health. The company primarily offers its products directly to health-conscious consumers across the United States. Its products are manufactured at a state-of-the-art, National Science Foundation Good Manufacturing Practices (NSF GMP) registered facility and tested in an ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

For more information on Nutri-Health Supplements, visit .

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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