Nutri Pharma Patent upheld by European Patent Office

The Opposition Division of the European Patent Office has announced that Nutri Pharma’s European Patent, No. 0902624, is valid under the European Patent Convention and has both novelty and inventive merit. The Opposition of Solae LLC, the joint venture between DuPont and Bunge, and the world's leading supplier of isolated soy proteins, was therefore dismissed, although they have the right to appeal.

This patent can now be kept in force until 2017, with only minor amendments to the form of a few dependent claims. Protecting the use of compositions containing isolated soy protein and soy fibre for reducing cholesterol, this was the first composition patent to be granted to Nutri Pharma and covers the weight management products sold as Nutrilett® in the Nordic region.

"We are delighted that the European Patent Office has upheld our patent. This official endorsement of Nutri Pharma's patent portfolio underlines the company's position in any future patent infringement cases."
Trond Syvertsen, CEO

For further information on Nutri Pharma and its patented soy technology please visit

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