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NutriCHAT Appointment System Offers Convenience and Simplicity to Nutraceutical Manufacturers

Farmingdale, NY (PRWeb) February 24, 2009 – Rather than relying on complicated automated programs to get the information you need, Nutricap Labs has created NutriCHAT; an appointment system with a human touch—and just in time for the biggest nutraceutical trade shows of the year.

Nutraceutical companies rely on Internet technology to learn more about the needs and wants of customers. The world-wide-web allows companies to implement the most advanced communication technologies ever, but not without compromise: many tradeshows are still missing critical components such as scheduling systems, interaction and most importantly, the human element.

In a deteriorated global economy, business owners have searched for simplified, cost-effective mediums that can be used to communicate their company’s needs to their manufacturers. Trade shows are generally seen as convenient junctions for in-person meetings with manufacturers. But in today’s tight economy, business-owners are closely budgeting their hard-earned dollars and finding they are unable to attend these networking events – leaving them with one less way to grow their businesses. Consequently, it becomes more important for business-owners get the most “bang for their buck”, especially when these venues include pricey travel arrangements.

Rather than promoting growth, some business owners have found that trade shows are frustrating, unproductive experiences. Attendees have voiced their discontent about not receiving enough personalized attention from exhibitors, or even that they’ve grown tired of waiting on long lines to get the help they deserved and expected from trade shows.

In response to these frustrations and the lack of user-friendly appointment technologies available in the industry, Nutricap Labs, a leading provider of nutraceutical manufacturing contract services, offers NutriCHAT; a free online appointment system that is meant to be both user-friendly and cost effective. NutriCHAT was created to bridge the gap between technology and the needs of business owners, no matter the size of the organization.

Have a CHAT

To become part of the NutriCHAT conversation, business-owners need only to submit their name, phone number, e-mail address and the date they would like to meet with Nutricap Labs. Within minutes, a Production Advisor will call or e-mail the business-owner to schedule a specific time for their NutriCHAT appointment. Business owners who use NutriCHAT are guaranteed a more productive tradeshow visit -- at least when they are scheduled to meet with Nutricap Labs. No other exhibitor attending a trade show is publicly offering this level of personal attention. Furthermore, the NutriCHAT application helps business owners ensure their tradeshow dollars are well spent.

“The functionality behind NutriCHAT is really quite simple”, said Jason Provenzano, Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations for Nutricap Labs. Provenzano added, “With two of this year’s biggest industry trade shows approaching, we felt the need to provide attendees with an easy-to-use system so they can make face-to-face appointments with us. Most of the appointment technology out there is complicated and the one key thing that gets lost in the shuffle is the human element. Without having that exclusive time with a prospective client, there’s no way that any manufacturer can learn how to help them build their business and take it to the next level. We firmly believe that NutriCHAT not only provides this intangible benefit to our prospects, but it will also make these trade shows more worthwhile to them as well.”

With one week before the start of Natural Products Expo West and the Supply Expo, two of the largest trade shows in the nutraceuticals industry, NutriCHAT will surely help attendees save time and avoid stress, one conversation at a time.

About Nutricap Labs:

Nutricap Labs is a full service vitamin supplement manufacturing service. We primarily manufacture nutritional tablets, capsules, powders, liquids and creams, but we also offer label and packaging design services and order fulfillment services to our customers. For information about our full line of nutraceutical manufacturing solutions, visit or call 1-800-494-6154 to speak to one of our knowledgeable production advisors.

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