NutriCosmetic Summit focuses on beauty from within

It's an old adage, but misleading, that beauty is only skin deep. As more is learned about human health and nutrition we increasingly find that the opposite is true: beauty is nurtured from deep within. The outward appearances of smooth skin, lustrous hair and general well-being are manifestations of inward health at the deepest level.

It's with this in mind that the educational slate at the 2010 NutriCosmetic Summit was put together. The event, which will take place June 10 in Las Vegas and which is co-located with the Natural Marketplace, delves into the intricacies of the developing market for ingestible beauty products that use natural, healthy, nutritional and functional ingredients. World-class experts will be on hand to focus on the science and regulatory issues, and to lay out the business and marketing trends of this important and growing sector of the natural-products marketplace.

Horst RechelbacherThe keynote speaker this year is Horst Rechelbacher, long-time industry insider and founder of Intelligent Nutrients. Rechelbacher, born in Austria and the son of an herbalist, started in the beauty business at age 14 and soon had his own salons and product line. In 1978, he started Aveda, eventually selling the business to Estée Lauder. With Intelligent Nutrients, Rechelbacher features a product line using 100 per cent food-based and organic ingredients. Rechelbacher, an active environmentalist and yoga practitioner, has received honorary degrees in Ayurvedic medicine, and continues to collaborate with physicians, chemists and pharmacologists along with traditional healers throughout the world.

Rechelbacher brings an attitude of deep conviction to his work. "To me, the human body and the planetary body are totally symbiotic. We're made from the same elements."

After Rechelbacher's stage-setter, the conference divides into two tracks: science and regulatory, and business and marketing. In the marketing track, featured speakers include Carlotta Mast, editor of Nutrition Business Journal and Kimberly Stewart, former editorial director of Functional Ingredients. This pair of experienced industry watchers will focus on upcoming trends in the industry.

Kristie McNamaraIn the science and regulatory track, speakers include Anthony Almada, cofounder of sports-nutrition leader EAS and president and CEO of GENr8. Almada, who has been a co-investigator on more than 75 clinical trials, will give an overview of the state of the science. Other speakers include Kristie McNamara, founder of Tilvee Eco Ethical Skincare; Farah Ahmed, assistant general counsel of the Personal Care Products Council; and Guy Langer, founder of Qumulus Group, Inc.

The Natural Marketplace is a partnership between New Hope Natural Media and the Natural Products Association. The show boasted close to 5,000 attendees last year and this year, for the first time, features the World Tea Expo.

For more information on the summit or the show, visit or

"Nature is the most successful sustainable business there is: a vast, complex web of interdependent relationships among species and ecosystems; a brilliantly designed, efficiently operated conglomerate of countless trillions of interdependent 'entities' ceaselessly engaged in profitable energy transactions that perpetuate and serve the whole of life." —Horst Rechelbacher, from his book, Minding Your Business, Profits That Restore the Planet

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