Nutrihealth USA LLC acquires Team Pro 2

GOLDEN, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 1, 2003--Jim Warren, best known as the man who trained baseball supremo Barry Bonds and superbowl MVP Dexter Jackson, today announced he was selling Team Pro 2, the sports nutrition company he founded.

Nutrihealth USA, a Golden Colorado-based wellness company, has acquired Team Pro 2, also of Golden. Nutrihealth, the Beta Science Company, is best known for its use of beta sitosterol throughout its extensive line of general nutritionals.

Team Pro 2 was begun in 1998 with backing from athletes Jim Warren had trained: Trevor Pryce of the Broncos, Jerome "the Bus" Bettis, baseball player Scott Servais and pro triathlete Wes Hobson. Team Pro 2 developed a loyal following for its high-altitude endurance and recovery products in the Rocky Mountain region.

Team Pro 2 founder Jim Warren had been searching for a strategic partner to take Team Pro 2 to the general public. Warren has trained over 200 NFL athletes during his training career.

"We first sold Team Pro 2 formulations to pro athletes, then extended sales to weekend warriors. My passion is to reach a wider audience for supplements," said Warren.

Nutrihealth USA has named Warren Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect. He will be in charge of overall strategy and head of sales in North America.

Nutrihealth USA is a cutting-edge, web-based, referral-marketing company currently selling wellness and family nutritionals in 60 countries. Nutrihealth had been searching for 12 months for a sports nutrition company to complement its family nutrition range.

"We will begin rolling out Team Pro 2's endurance, recovery and protein products across America through our networks," said Al Alletzhauser, Nutrihealth Global CEO. He added that Nutrihealth and Nutrihealth/Team Pro2 products will not be available in stores, but only through company-authorized distributors. All phone and web orders of the two companies will be shipped through Nutrihealth's Golden, Colorado logistics facility.

Jim Warren may be reached for follow-up and/or interviews at 303/271-0070. For an accompanying photograph of Jim, please contact Shannon on 303/271-0070.

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