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Nutrition Business Journal Honors Enzymedica with Education, Product Awards

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla., February 5, 2007 -- Enzymedica, Inc., a manufacturer of indication-specific enzyme-based finished products, was awarded with two 2006 "Nutrition Business Journal" (NBJ) Achievement Awards for its Retailer Education Program and GlutenEase(tm) enzyme product. The award will be presented to attending recipients in an official ceremony at the NBJ Newport Summit in Laguna Niguel, Calif., July 18-20, 2007.

The NBJ Educational Initiative Award recognizes Enzymedica's Retailer Education Program as one that forged a critical link between retailers and consumers within the enzyme category. NBJ touted Enzymedica as making a "genuine connection" with consumers by educating natural products personnel about enzyme therapy as it relates to customers. Since July 2006, the company has educated more than 200 stores and 300 retail employees on how to recommend and sell all products in the enzyme category – not just Enzymedica's. The interactive education sessions also review and discuss the ongoing research on enzyme therapy, enzymes' value in human health and how to accurately measure product activity levels. Enzymedica provides retailers and their customers access to the new book, Enzymes: What the Experts Know, an educational DVD for use in stores, downloadable articles online, a third-party research Web site (, bi-monthly newsletters, aisle trainings, sponsored lectures by guest speakers and an in-depth demonstrator program.

NBJ's Product Merit Award was awarded to GlutenEase, Enzymedica's enzyme therapy formula designed for people suffering from gluten/casein intolerance or celiac disease. GlutenEase acts as a "safety net" for those people who mistakenly intake small amounts of gluten and casein, which are commonly found in wheat and dairy products. GlutenEase's modified protease Thera-blend(tm) includes DPP-IV activity, which has been shown to assist in breaking down the proteins (exorphin peptides) that are a common factor in gluten/casein intolerance, and allows proteins to be properly absorbed in their digested state. To aid in digesting sugars and starches, GlutenEase also contains amylase Thera-blend and glucoamylase.

"We are pleased that our Retailer Education Program has been honored by Nutrition Business Journal, as it is a publication that holds nutrition information to the highest of standards," stated Tom Bohager, president, Enzymedica. "Also, the recognition of GlutenEase is extremely timely in that more than two million Americans currently suffer from gluten intolerance and upwards of 30 million experience some form of dairy intolerance."

About Nutrition Business Journal:
Nutrition Business Journal,, is a research, publishing and consulting company serving the nutrition, natural products and alternative health care industries. The monthly, executive journal addresses how the nutrition industry impacts the larger food, pharmaceutical and health care industries. It also discusses business activities, market size/growth, trends and opportunities in the nutrition industry.

About Enzymedica, Inc.:
Florida-based Enzymedica, Inc., was founded in 1998 to offer consumers targeted enzyme products that address digestion issues, food allergies and intolerances, cardiovascular issues, immune function and inflammation. The exclusive Enzymedica Thera-blend(tm) process combines different strains of each major enzyme to work more broadly in the digestive tract and throughout the entire body. Enzymedica's products are made from only the highest quality plant and plant-based enzymes and are 100 percent vegan and vegetarian.

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