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Nutrition Business Journal Recognizes Embria's "Investment in the Future"

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, February 20, 2007 - Embria(R) Health Sciences, a raw material manufacturer of science-backed natural ingredients, was recognized for its investment in the future with a 2006 Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) Business Achievement Award. The award will be presented in an official ceremony at the NBJ Newport Summit in Laguna Niguel, Calif., July 18-20, 2007.

Embria's NBJ Investment in the Future Award recognizes the company for its substantial 2006 internal growth, long-term investments and flagship ingredient, EpiCor(R), including the quadrupling of its staff, the groundbreaking of its $10 million Iowa headquarters and the growing distribution of EpiCor.

"This award is a great honor to Embria, as it confirms our solid position within the natural products industry," said Paul Faganel, president, Embria Health Sciences. "We look forward to continuing our investment in the future in 2007 with the hiring of more personnel, the completion of our 36,000-square-foot headquarter building and the continuation of EpiCor's success."

About Nutrition Business Journal:
Nutrition Business Journal,, is a research, publishing and consulting company serving the nutrition, natural products and alternative health care industries. The monthly, executive journal addresses how the nutrition industry impacts the larger food, pharmaceutical and health care industries. It also discusses business activities, market size/growth, trends and opportunities in the nutrition industry.

About Embria Health Sciences:
Embria Health Sciences,, combines science and nature to bring high-quality, research-based natural ingredients to the global human nutrition market. Embria's key products are manufactured using a proprietary technology, which produces vital metabolites that deliver nutritional benefits and support increased bioavailability. In 2006, Embria launched its all-natural high- metabolite immunogen ingredient, EpiCor(R), and holds Nutrition Business Journal's 2005 product merit award for its selenium ingredient, eXselen(R).

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