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Nutrition Industry Veterans Form Source One Global(tm); New Concept In Integrated Sales and Marketing

Nutrition Industry Veterans Form Source One Global(tm); New Concept In Integrated Sales and Marketing

Chicago, IL, March 3, 2003-- Jesse Lopez, with a reputation built over two decades at major corporations in strategic marketing, executive leadership and team development leading to significant sales growth, announced today that he is partnering with Laurence W. Zoeller, an experienced branding counselor, to form Source One Global, LLC.

"We expect Source One to become one of the leading suppliers, marketers and distributors of nutritional ingredients in North America" said Mr. Lopez,

President and Founder of Source One Global, LLC.

Source One offers totally integrated sales and marketing, providing quality health and nutrition solutions tailored to the needs of the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, food, and animal nutrition markets.

"Our company is built on the concept of sourcing and delivering safe, efficacious, science-based products and building brands that will help restore consumer confidence," Mr. Lopez added.

"Source One will have the capability to carry the branding process through to the consumer," Mr. Zoeller said. He has been responsible for building brands such as, FloraGloR Lutein for Kemin Foods, the Indena SelectR brand of standardized herbal products, the Your LifeR brand for Leiner Health Products, and PycnogenolR Maritime Pine Bark for Horphag Research

"We will help nutritional ingredient manufacturers develop programs that focus on education through sales training, public relations, and advertising, the use of third party scientific spokespersons and all other channels to communicate consistently and fully critical scientific messages on the quality of the products we supply."

Most recently, Mr. Lopez served as Executive Vice President of Natural Health Sciences (NHS), the North American arm of Horphag Research. Prior to NHS, he successfully led the sales efforts and implementation of strategic marketing initiatives, during the most difficult market conditions, at Cognis Nutrition and Health. He has held executive level management positions for the past 15 years and has directed business growth through strategic mergers, acquisitions and international business development.

Mr. Zoeller was instrumental in the creation of the Council for Responsible Nutrition in the 1970's, as a rallying point for the industry, and led the legislative/regulatory effort against rules that would have wiped out the nutraceutical industry.

He has been responsible for conceiving and leading product promotion and ingredient branding programs from Leiner's PhytonutrientsR and Royal Numico's Extran Professional sports nutritional line to Kemin Foods' FloraGloR Lutein, which he took from zero unaided public recognition to 75% in six years. He has also counseled companies such as Leiner Health Products, Indena, Natural Health Science, Kemin Foods and Chattem on governmental and scientific issues.


Source One Global, LLC, provides guality health and nutrition solutions through worldwide sourcing, sales representation, technical and scientific support, strategic marketing, promotion and distribution. These services are unified into uniquely integrated, customized and comprehensive programs that help put its customers in leadership positions. Source One forges strategic alliances with high quality, science based raw material manufacturers around the world to cooperatively deliver safe, effective,

consistent, and reliable raw materials to the market.

Source One Global, LLC

2723 North Hermitage Avenue

Chicago, IL, 60614

Tele: (773) 755-9453 Fax: (773) 755-9353

E-mail: [email protected]

[email protected]

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