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Nutrition For Mothers: Five Case Studies In Marketing Foods For Pregnant And Nursing Women


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Nutrition For Mothers: Marketing Foods For Pregnant/Nursing Women
We are what we eat – and we are what our mothers ate when they were pregnant. And the effects of a mother’s diet and health while pregnant could shape their children’s health status for life. Nutrition science is providing more and more insights into the importance of good maternal nutrition, leading more and more companies to develop products designed specifically for the needs of pregnant and lactating women.

In this case study we examine five different examples of products targeting this nutritional need and the different approaches companies have taken. As with all our case studies, this to-the-point 30 page analysis has been written based on in-depth interviews with the companies concerned to provide you with:

- Companies’ own views on the key nutritional aspects of pregnancy that they have chosen to target and why
- Information on branding and marketing strategies
- Understanding of product formats and ingredients chosen
- Colour illustrations of products

About the Author

Julian Mellentin is one of the world’s very few global specialists in the business of food, nutrition and health. He is director of The Centre for Food & Health Studies, a company that has provided research, analysis and forecasting of the global nutrition business since 1995. The company is based in London and has offices in the U.S. and New Zealand.

Julian is co-author of Functional Foods Revolution, Healthy People, Healthy Profits? the first-ever book on the business of functional foods, now translated into Japanese.

He is co-author with Peter Wennström of Commercialising Innovation: The Food & Health Marketing Handbook, which will be going into a 2nd Edition in January 2006. He is also Editor of New Nutrition Business, the long-established international journal on the global nutrition business ( ), which his company publishes.

Much in demand as a speaker on functional foods, nutraceuticals and innovation in nutrition and health, Julian also provides businesses worldwide with strategic consultancy on the commercialisation of nutrition science and the development of nutritional brands.

Julian obtained his undergraduate degree at The Queen’s College, Oxford, UK, and his MBA at Manchester Business School and spent most of his working career in Europe marketing branded products.
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Nutrition For Mothers: Marketing Foods For Pregnant/Nursing Women

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