Nutritional Company Has Great News for Casual Drinkers; Are Hangovers a Thing of the Past?

PHOENIX, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- A brand new product touts the slogan "Have more fun tonight, feel better tomorrow," and if you're one of the hundreds of thousands of nightly revelers, or just a casual drinker who suffers the negative after-effects from a few drinks, this will definitely interest you.

Xo3 is a vitamin, mineral and amino acid-based powdered drink additive, manufactured by DietBlends, Incorporated, a Phoenix, Arizona-based company.

"Xo3 fortifies and prepares the body for processing alcohol. It provides the essential elements the liver needs to speed up the detoxification and excretion of alcohol, thereby lowering toxins in the blood faster and more efficiently," explains DietBlends lead Chemist, Jeremy Jones. "This in turn reduces the negative effects of alcohol, commonly referred to as a hangover."

The numbers certainly suggest the need for a product that reduces the productivity lost worldwide from the proverbial "hangover."

Excessive drinking, and its traditional by-product, the hangover, costs businesses and industries worldwide billions of dollars each year in absenteeism and lost productivity, but surprisingly, it isn't the heavy drinkers who are mostly responsible.

"Light" Drinkers Suffer Most

Light drinkers, and a whopping 87 percent of light-to-moderate drinkers cause more than half of all alcohol related problems in the workplace. These problems are mostly due to hangovers.

"In the medical community, we tend to focus on alcoholics. But that's a very small number of people, whereas being hung over is a common thing," said Dr. Jeffrey Wiese*, medical professor at the University of California. He and colleagues at a San Francisco Veterans hospital reviewed medical studies on alcohol use published between 1966 and 1999.

Prevention is the key

"The only method of addressing hangovers is by thinking preventatively, rather than reacting to the symptoms," says Company founder Peter Dobler. "There really is no such thing as a hangover cure. Those two words together become somewhat of an oxymoron since the damage has already been done."

He believes that Xo3 fills a necessary void that has hardly been addressed in our "primarily reactive" medical community.

"We prefer to be proactive and possibly help minimize the damage alcohol can do, while also improving recovery time for the millions who drink, especially the casual drinkers," he emphasizes.

People do seem to have accepted the fact that drinking too much will always equate to feeling lousy the next morning, but Xo3's aim is to change that.

"Once you try Xo3, you'll never drink without it again," Dobler predicts.

* Dr. Wiese's research appeared in the June 6, 2002 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, a biweekly journal published by the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine.

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