'Nutritional Supplements Japan 2003' is Completed

Tarrytown, New York August 5, 2003- A report on the $8.5-billion Japanese nutritional supplement market, called “Nutritional Supplements Japan 2003”: Subtitled “Opportunities at Sunrise” is now available. This 100-page report is invaluable for dietary supplements and nutraceutical companies planning to expand their business to the world’s second largest nutritional supplement market. The report covers exclusively the Japanese nutritional/dietary supplement market.

Paul Yamaguchi & Associates, Inc., a Japanese nutritional research and consulting company, completed the report.

Although Japan has been slow to recover from an overall economic downturn, its nutritional supplement market has been growing steadily for the last 10 years. In 1992 the market was just over $3.5 billion, 10 years later it had grown to $8.5 billion, an average of 14 percent growth per year. 2001 was the largest increase, at 22 percent. In 2002, this growth slowed a little, (just over 4 percent) and the market grew to $8.56 billion. Japanese population is only 126 million or half of the U.S. indicating the Japanese spent $67 per person a year on nutritional supplements compared to $69 for Americans and $42 per year per person for Europeans. The national movement to address issues of lifestyle diseases, the health care crisis, the increasing aging population, deregulations and popularity of Western ingredients provide plenty of reasons for growth of the Japanese nutritional supplement industry. Both industry analysts and a study by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) predict that the growth trend will continue at an average of 9% a year over the next decade. By then, the market capitalization for the nutritional supplement industry in Japan will exceed $20 billion—larger than the U.S. nutritional supplement industry is today.

Nutritional Supplements Japan 2003 provides important information for the industry, including manufacturers and distribution profile. It also covers market characteristics by ingredient categories, distribution channels and value chains, industry trends, regulatory changes and strategies for breaking into the Japanese market. The report features contacts for more than 450 companies, organizations and conference event information and a list of the top 100 nutritional supplements sales in 2002.

The report is helpful not only for the companies planning to expand their business in the Land of the Rising Sun, but is also helpful for what might come in the U.S market in the near future.

Price for the 100 page Nutritional Supplements Japan 2003 is $399.00.

To order or learn more about the report visit, www.functionalfoodsjapan.com.

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