NutritionalFinds to market Israeli resveratrol technology announced that they have been granted the exclusive rights to represent SoluBest for nutraceutical applications in North America., a division of Natural Discoveries LLC, announced that they have been granted the exclusive rights to represent SoluBest for nutraceutical applications in North America. SoluBest, LTD, an Israeli biotechnology company, has developed a patented and proprietary technology that yields micron sized particles in which Resveratrol is embedded demonstrating a 6X increase in bioavailability in human clinical tests.

Resveratrol has captured strong consumer interest based upon well - publicized reports of its anti-aging and cancer fighting benefits. Yet Resveratrol is not exceptionally bioavailable, thus impeding its commercial viability.

“SoluBest has applied their proprietary solubility enhancing drug formulation technology towards pertinent nutraceuticals, delivering a game-changing opportunity for Resveratrol that is also cost - effective”, says David Mastroianni, NutritionalFinds cofounder and partner.

SoluBest’s CEO, Amir Zalcenstein, said “We chose NutritionalFinds to represent SoluBest because of their reputation, understanding of the market applications and simplicity of their business model. Our knowledge is around the science and we need a strong and credible voice in the nutraceutical market to commercialize it.”

NutritionalFinds will represent SoluBest’s Resveratrol technology in North America and other worldwide markets.

For information on SoluBest’s micronized Resveratrol technology, contact NutritionalFinds ( directly.

About NutritionalFinds

NutritionalFinds, a division of Natural Discoveries LLC, a discovery & commercialization company that identifies, develops and builds distribution for novel bioactive ingredients and nutrition technologies. The company operates a unique business model built on over 50 years of experience. For more information about Natural Discoveries, please visit For further information or comments, please contact: David Mastroianni, Partner, [email protected]

Peter Leighton, Partner, [email protected]

About SoluBest

SoluBest Ltd, an Israeli biotechnology company with extensive research and development capabilities, has developed a proprietary, Industry validated drug delivery platform for significantly improving the bio—availability of poorly soluble and insoluble drugs. For more information about SoluBest, its products and its technology please refer to

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