Oasis Web Forum - Invitation for Comment on Standard

OASIS, the trade association that sponsored the first Organic standard for the US Beauty and Personal Care market, will publish a final "draft" standard for comments. After a four week period open for comments, input, and discussion, members will vote. To facilitate this effort, OASIS has launched an on-line web forum for discussion to review and finalize its Organic Health and Beauty standard.

Interested parties may download the Draft OASIAS 100 Standard at www.oasisseal.org and may submit comments through the OASIS web site or may go to http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/oasisforum and hit the link to "Join This Group" in the upper right hand corner. This is a moderated forum.

The OASIS board and its colleagues are proud to introduce this highly credible certification system verified by a fully qualified and independent third party certifier.

The OASIS Organic Standard is the first of a number of planned Standards that will verify conformance with Organic and Sustainable practices used to produce Beauty and Personal Care products. "We support the credible development of a robust business in verified organic Health and Beauty products. It is more important than ever to make everything we use from renewable materials and to support organic agriculture," said Gay Timmons, Chair.

1. OASIS is dedicated to providing verifiable standards that support and promote organic and sustainable production for the beauty and personal care Industry, utilizing principles of incremental improvement and continuous change. The OASIS seal provides assurance to the consumer of credible value for organic and sustainable claims on OASIS products.

2. OASIS initially requires 85% organic content in finished products, with plans to increase this level to 95%. It also allows a limited amount of "green chemistry". Ingredients are not allowed that are based on chemistry that is not environmentally responsible. OASIS also maintains a "Made With Organic " labeling standard, requiring 70% minimum organic content.

3. OASIS is a 501 C 6 Mutual Benefit Trade Association designed to represent the concerns and goals of companies that make sustainable and organic products for the Health and Beauty industry. Founding Board: Troy Aykan, Hain Celestial Group; Debra Claire, Perfect Organics; Tommy Dionisio, Head Organics; Karl S. Halpert, Private Label Select; Tim Kapsner, Aveda; Karl Krummel, L'Oreal; Mary Mulry, Foodwise, Inc; Denise Peterson, Cognis Corp.; Tim Schaeffer, Depth Body; Gay Timmons, Oh, Oh Organic, Inc.

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