Oat Bran Health Claim Receives European Authorization

The Joint Health Claims Initiative (JHCI), UK has approved the following new health claim for oat and oat bran foods:

“The inclusion of oats can help reduce cholesterol
as part of a diet low in saturated fat and a healthy lifestyle”.

The health claim comes in response to a petition filed by CreaNutrition and Swedish Oat Fiber, producer of OatWell® high fiber oat bran ingredients. OatWell® ingredients are distributed in the US by Oat Ingredients, llc, Boulder CO. The totality of the scientific evidence substantiates the generic health claim for oats and the associated reduction of blood cholesterol.

Similar to the US FDA Health Claim on oat based foods, the JHCI established specific guidelines in their Generic Claim Assessment Report (JHCI/20/04) including the following statements:

* The claim relates to whole oats, oat bran, rolled oats and whole oat flour. Oat soluble fiber, beta-glucan, may serve as a marker for the oat product that is the subject of the claim, when:

- oat bran provides at least 5.5% beta-glucan soluble fiber
- rolled oats provides at least 4% beta-glucan soluble fiber
- whole oat flour provides at least 4% beta-glucan soluble fiber

* Products carrying the claim should:

- Contain at least 0.75g soluble fiber beta-glucan per serving, or in an amount that is customarily consumed in a day that makes a reasonable contribution to a healthy diet.

- State what constitutes a serving; the amount of beta-glucan soluble fiber provided in each serving, expressed as grams; and the proportion (i.e. ‘quarter’, ‘third’, ‘half’ etc) it contributes to a 3g suggested daily intake in each serving. e.g.

‘One 30g serving provides 0.75g of beta-glucan soluble fibre from
whole oats, which is one quarter of 3g, the suggested daily intake’.

CreaNutrition – Swedish Oat Fiber develops, produces and sells OatWell® oat bran ingredients and products that are especially rich in oat soluble fiber, up to 22% with total dietary fiber to 44% and protein to 20%. Adding 3.4 grams of OatWell® oat bran to your products ensure that there is 0.75g of beta-glucan per serving.

Oat Ingredients, llc & CreaNutrition offer OatWell® natural oat bran in the US market, promoting healthier food products and combating life style diseases in a natural way. Our marketing concepts are unique solutions helping food manufacturers take GOOD HEALTH TO HEART.

OatWell® high fiber oat bran provides a unique option for incorporating cardiovascular friendly ingredients into the diet, through products like cereals, bars, bakery goods, pasta, drink mixes and snacks.

For information on the oat bran health claim, visit www.oatingredients.com

Oat Ingredients, llc.
303 818 1117
www.creanitrition-sof.com / www.jhci.org.uk

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