Oat Vantage(TM) Now Available in Nutritional Supplements Nationwide

All-Natural, Concentrated Oat Bran Provides Ten Times the Cholesterol-Lowering Soluble Fiber Found in Regular Oat Bran

DEVON, Pa., Sept. 9 -- The world's first and only all-natural, highly concentrated source of oat bran, OatVantage(TM), is now available as a nutritional supplement in health food stores nationwide. The OatVantage ingredient, identified on product labels, provides a convenient, new option to help supply the amount of oat bran soluble fiber recommended to lower cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease risk.

More than 42 clinical studies demonstrate the cholesterol-lowering effects of oat soluble fiber, and scientists have isolated beta-glucan as the "active" component. Most recently, a study published in the July 30th issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), found dietary intervention with foods rich in soy protein and soluble fiber, such as oats and barley, lowered LDL (bad) cholesterol levels 28% in one month, compared to a 30.9% reduction in subjects administered a prescription statin drug.

"While the research continues to confirm the strong potential of oat-based foods to improve heart health, the challenge for the 100 million Americans with elevated cholesterol* is how to apply these data to a 'real life' diet," explains Greg Stephens, RD, VP of Marketing, Nurture, Inc., which developed OatVantage. "For those trying to consume more oat bran, OatVantage can help -- it's concentrated, pleasant-tasting and easy to enjoy as part of a heart-healthy meal plan."

Concentrated Portions: Healthy, Convenient and Trusted

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first food-specific health claim for oat-based foods in reducing the risk of heart disease in 1997. The FDA currently specifies three grams of oat beta-glucan per day, as part of a healthy diet, to help lower cholesterol. Two OatVantage servings (one supplement twice a day) provide 1.5 grams of oat beta glucan, or half the recommended amount. OatVantage contains more than 50 percent beta-glucan by weight, the highest concentration available on the market.

Research indicates that beta-glucan may lower total cholesterol levels from 5 to 22 percent, and may also have positive effects on other heart disease risk factors, such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity.

"OatVantage could be an important nutritional adjunct for the estimated 65 million Americans with 'borderline' cholesterol between 200 -- 240 mg/dL, who might maintain normal levels through lifestyle modifications," explains Griffith Parker, Nurture's CEO. "Nurture, Inc. has patented a novel, water-based technology for concentrating the beta-glucan from oats, while maintaining product quality and nutritional benefits."

New Clinical Research from the University of Minnesota

The initial results of the first major human clinical trial studying the effects of OatVantage on blood cholesterol, will be reported this month by the University of Minnesota, Department of Food Science and Nutrition. Data will be presented at scientific sessions during the conference of the American Association of Cereal Chemists (AACC), September 28th, in Portland, OR and at Supply Side West, October 2nd in Las Vegas.

OatVantage is made from non-GMO oats grown in North America. It is non-allergenic, appropriate for strict vegetarians and certified Kosher. OatVantage is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), and manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines.

OatVantage is currently available at Vitamin World stores and will have increased distribution over the coming months in other national retail outlets.

Nurture, Inc.

Nurture, Inc., headquartered in Devon, PA, is a privately held company incorporated in 1992 to focus on developing proprietary extraction technologies for oat grains. In 2002, Nurture began to commercialize its research technologies to provide value-added human nutrition and personal care products derived from oats. Its patented ingredients are used in a variety of applications in cardiovascular health, glucose management, weight management and personal care. Products include oat bran concentrate, oat oil, oat starch and oat protein. Website: www.nurture-inc.com .

*Reference: National Institutes of Health, National Cholesterol Education Program, 2001

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