Ocean Spray Strengthens Ties with Klass Ingredients Canada

Ocean Spray has named Klass Ingredients Canada Ltd as its sole ingredients broker in Canada to consolidate distribution in the region. Continuing an already successful partnership, Klass Ingredients Canada will now represent Ocean Spray’s ingredient portfolio exclusively in Eastern Canada, which includes Ontario, Quebec and The Maritimes.

The growing popularity of fruit ingredients in the Canadian market has led Ocean Spray to streamline the purchasing process for both new and existing customers. Klass Ingredients Canada Ltd was founded in 1997, expanding parent company Klass Ingredients Inc.’s reach. The companies’ longstanding partnership dates as far back as the 1980’s, meaning Klass Ingredients Canada is strongly positioned to promote Ocean Spray’s values of technical application excellence and high quality ingredients. With this extended relationship, Ocean Spray is confident its customers in the Canadian market will receive the best possible service.

“Our business has experienced exceptional growth in Eastern Canada in recent years,” comments Kristen Borsari, Global Senior Marketing Manager, Ocean Spray. “This is largely due to the dedicated support we receive from Klass Ingredients Canada and we are delighted to extend our partnership to encourage further market development and offer our customers a quality service.”

Cristi Oczek, account executive for Klass Ingredients Canada adds: “We have seen tremendous success over the past several years with Ocean Spray cranberry ingredients in the Canadian marketplace. The quality of Ocean Spray products is truly second to none. Ocean Spray and Klass Ingredients Canada share a great synergy and work together to provide exceptional services to our valued customers. We look forward to further building our business in the coming years and helping our customers succeed in their quest to innovate with cranberries.”

Ocean Spray’s extensive ingredient portfolio includes sweetened dried cranberries (SDCs), BerryFusions® Fruits, frozen cranberries, cranberry concentrate and puree. SDCs and BerryFusions Fruits are perfect for use in baked goods, cereals and bars and maintain high process tolerance and fruit integrity, even under high temperatures. Cranberry puree, concentrate and frozen cranberries can be used as a base for sauces, smoothies, juices and other applications.

For further information on how cranberries can be used in your products, please contact:
Cristi Oczek, Tel: 877 276 6208 Fax: 877 774 5663
Email: [email protected]

Or Becky Dubowik, Tel: (941) 473 3558 Fax: (508) 946 4594.
Email: [email protected] Or visit: www.oceansprayitg.com

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