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Odorless Rosemary From Vitiva

Vitiva has announced the launch of a new product line of odorless rosemary extracts called INOLENS™. This exciting line eliminates the strong odor from rosemary extracts, making them suitable for a wide range of new food applications.

“INOLENS™ is the most advanced line of rosemary extracts available on the market today,” says Dr. Matevž Kmet, Vitiva’s Head of Sales and Marketing. “Our R&D team has succeeded in creating an innovative rosemary extracts line that does not alter the odor of foods, through Vitiva’s breakthrough proprietary extraction process. Our clients can now take advantage of this powerful antioxidant, which extends their products’ shelf life and significantly improves quality”.

Food manufacturers face acute problems when using rosemary extracts in some of their formulations. Rosemary extracts can affect the organoleptic characteristics of products, reducing the number of applications that can benefit from the rosemary functionality. Vitiva has developed a wide range of INOLENS™ products, all oil soluble and possessing excellent properties that can be adjusted to meet customers' specific needs. Mayonnaise, omega oils and other PUFAs, salad dressings, sauces, white chocolate, dairy products, flavors and fragrances, gourmet products such as foie gras and even cosmetics are some of the products that can utilize INOLENS™ functionality.

“Mayonnaise producers, for example, who use synthetic solutions can implement INOLENS™ and abandon the petroleum derivatives currently used as antioxidants,” explains Dr. Kmet. “In our laboratory we have also tested the possibility of applying INOLENS™ to different types of chocolate. Some components, like hazelnuts, tend to oxidize and spoil the entire product. INOLENS™ can easily prevent this process.”

Vitiva, Slovenia, is the largest natural rosemary antioxidant producer in Europe. The company’s production and operations comply with ISO, GMP and HACCP standards, and are Kosher. Vitiva is owned by the Aktiva Group, a €500 million holding company.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Ohad Cohen
Tel: +386217888733

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