OdwallaR Expands Distribution to Nourish Mainstream Consumers

HALF MOON BAY, Calif., Dec. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Odwalla(R)
(pronounced "Oh-dwa-la"), the country's leading natural health beverage brand,
is launching four new products in the Southeast and expanding its availability
into major retail supermarkets and mass market retailers, including Wal-Mart
and Publix. This enhanced distribution will dramatically increase the
awareness of Odwalla among mainstream consumers, who previously have not had
the opportunity to enjoy the brand's unique flavors and nutritional benefits.

Four New Products, Six New SKU's
The new Odwalla beverages -- Blueberry Smoothie, Protein Tropicale(TM),
Passionate "C"(TM) and Organic Orange Juice -- are available in 1.5 liter
(50.8 fluid oz.) multi-serve recyclable plastic bottles. Blueberry Smoothie
and Protein Tropicale are also offered in a new 11 fluid oz. size bundled into
handy 4-packs. Suggested retail price for each product is $3.99, providing an
affordable price point for premium juice products.

-- Odwalla Blueberry Smoothie, an antioxidant fruit juice blend, is 100%
juice and contains no added sweeteners. Blueberries help combat free
radicals, thanks to vitamins A and C and anthocyanins.

-- Odwalla Protein Tropicale(TM) includes soy protein and a mixture of
tropical fruit juices and purees including pineapple, mango and
passion fruit.

-- Odwalla Passionate "C"(TM) provides 470% of the daily value for
vitamin C with each tasty 8 fluid oz. serving. The vitamin C in this
product is derived in part from acerola cherry puree.

-- Odwalla Organic Orange Juice, made only from certified
100% organically grown oranges, underscores the company's commitment
to sustainable agriculture and natural resources conservation.

The southeastern U.S. is a relatively untapped market for Odwalla, even
though the company's more than two-dozen existing varieties of juices,
smoothies, juice blends and soy-based drinks are available elsewhere in the
country. Unlike the existing Odwalla products, these new items will be
stocked, not in the produce section, but instead, in the refrigerated juice
case. The new Odwalla beverages also are flash pasteurized, offering great
taste, nutrition and product integrity.

Growing Consumer Demand
Why offer these latest, super-premium good-for-you fruit juices, fruit
juice blends and smoothies in large supermarket chains and mass market
retailers? "We know that consumers' interest in both healthful and premium
products, as well as intriguing new foods and flavors, continues to rise
across diverse market segments," explains Shawn Sugarman, president of
Odwalla. "Odwalla juices may have started as a niche brand, but it has been
consumers' strong interest and loyalty -- with little advertising -- that's
quickly brought Odwalla into the mainstream." Odwalla is known for its
brightly colored labels and quirky product monikers -- including such
favorites as Mo' Beta(R), C Monster(R), Superfood(TM), Femme Vitale(R),
Serious Energy, and Glorious Morning(TM), to name just a few.

The Look of Nourishment
Made from recyclable HDPE plastic, the custom-designed 1.5 liter
bottles -- filled with healthful Odwalla Organic Orange Juice, Blueberry
Smoothie, Protein Tropicale(TM) and Passionate "C"(TM) -- feature a four-sided
wrap label complete with the company's signature artwork that conveys the
upbeat images of good health and the company's Soil to Soul(R) message. The
11 fluid oz., single-serve bottles of Blueberry Smoothie and Protein
Tropicale(TM) are bundled into handy 4-packs for convenient, on-the-go
enjoyment. Odwalla's juice, fruit juice blends and smoothie labels engage the
consumer with company folklore and product information.

About Odwalla
Odwalla, Inc., the nation's leading natural health beverage company,
provides nourishment coast to coast with the Odwalla family of juices,
smoothies, dairy-free shakes, pure spring water, nourishing food bars, and
certified organic juices. To learn more about Odwalla juices and smoothies,
as well as Odwalla's commitment to Soil to Soul, please visit http://www.odwalla.com
or call 1.800.ODWALLA.

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