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Odwalla(R) Introduces New and Nourishing Juice Beverages in Southeast Region

America's Most Popular Natural Health Beverage Brand Offers
New Products to Help Brighten Winter Doldrums

HALF MOON BAY, Calif., Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- The last six weeks of winter
seem to drag as consumers anxiously await the arrival of spring. To help perk
up consumer mood and brighten refrigerator shelves, Odwalla(R) (pronounced
"Oh-dwa-la"), America's leading natural health beverage brand, is introducing
four new juice varieties at major supermarkets, superstores and select natural
food grocers in the southeastern United States. Odwalla's unique new flavors
and nutritional benefits are now available to consumers throughout Florida,
Georgia, the Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia.

Four New Products, Super Nutrition

The new Odwalla juice beverages -- Blueberry Smoothie, Protein
Tropicale(TM), Passionate "C"(TM) and Organic Orange Juice -- are available in
1.5-liter (50.8-fluid-oz.) multi-serve recyclable-plastic bottles. Blueberry
Smoothie and Protein Tropicale(TM) are also offered in a new 11-fluid-oz. size
bundled into handy 4-packs. Suggested retail price for the multi-serve and
4-packs are $3.99 each, providing an affordable price for such premium juice
products. These new products will be stocked in the refrigerated juice case,
making it convenient for consumers to find them in the store.

Drink It and Thrive(R)

"At Odwalla, we've chosen a variety of great-tasting and nutritious
fruits, as well as other ingredients -- what I call 'superfoods' -- for these
new juice beverages and smoothies," says Odwalla Health and Wellness Chef Barr
Hogen. "As a chef, I know that health-conscious consumers should first look
to nutrient-rich foods to obtain their daily nutrition. Too often, consumers
turn to pills and powders for what they think is an easy nutritional fix.
Juices, however, are a convenient, flavorful and hydrating form of natural

Chef Hogen's newest product recipes include a line-up of four delicious
tasting products:

-- Odwalla Blueberry Smoothie is a blend of blueberries, blackberries and
raspberries combined with oranges, apples and bananas to make a sweet
and silky smoothie. The bluesy blueberries boast a blow to free
radicals, with a rhapsody of antioxidants and anthocyanins. This 100%
fruit juice blend contains no added sweeteners.

-- Odwalla Protein Tropicale is a tantalizing blend of tropical fruit
juices and purees such as pineapple, mango and passionfruit, combined
with 4 grams of soy protein per serving.

-- Odwalla Passionate "C" is a scrumptious sipper of orange, apple,
mango, banana, strawberry, and acerola cherry (one of nature's highest
vitamin C-packed fruits) and passionfruit. Each vibrant 8 fluid oz.
serving provides 470% of the Daily Value for vitamin C.

-- Odwalla Organic Orange Juice, made only from certified 100%
organically grown oranges, underscores the company's commitment to
sustainable agriculture and natural-resources conservation.

Juiced in Time

"When we make our juices, we minimize the time between the fields and the
supermarket refrigerator shelf," said Barr Hogen. For example, according to
Chef Hogen, Odwalla doesn't store orange juice in tanks, but squeezes the
fruit, bottles the juice and ships its nourishing beverages, all within
72 hours. Odwalla flash pasteurizes its juices to preserve the fruits'
natural flavors while ensuring food safety. "Our new, high-quality juice
beverages offer consumers nutritional value and intense fruit flavor, all at a
value price. As a chef, I want people to experience the goodness of natural
and organic ingredients wrapped up in interesting new flavors," Hogen said.

Southeast Consumers First to Taste New Odwalla Juice Beverages

Although a relatively new brand to residents of the Southeast, Odwalla has
been making juices and innovating in the natural health beverage category for
over 20 years. Odwalla offers more than two- dozen selections of chilled,
flash-pasteurized multi-serve and single-serve juices, juice blends,
smoothies, and soy-based drinks. Odwalla's nourishing beverages are available
in natural food stores and specialty outlets throughout the rest of the
country. Odwalla is launching these four new juice beverages in the Southeast
to introduce the brand and its outrageously delicious flavors to consumers who
haven't had an opportunity to experience them.

From Soil to Soul(R)

In 1980, Odwalla debuted as a local mission-driven fresh juice brand in
Santa Cruz, Calif., founded by three musicians with a vision of bringing
nourishment from Soil to Soul. The company's newest products continue to grow
its vision of Soil to Soul by using carefully sourced fruits and other
quality, natural ingredients. The company is also known for its commitment to
sustainable agriculture and its support of socially responsible causes.
The products are artfully made and wrapped in unique, brightly colored
labels. Odwalla is famous for its quirky products names, including such
favorites as Mo' Beta(R), C Monster(R), Femme Vitale(R), Superfood(TM),
Serious Energy and Glorious Morning(TM). And, like all other Odwalla juices,
the new Odwalla selections launched in the Southeast are flash pasteurized, to
ensure fresh-from-the-field flavor and food safety.

About Odwalla

Odwalla, Inc., the nation's leading natural health beverage company,
delivers nourishment coast to coast with the Odwalla family of juices,
smoothies, dairy-free shakes, pure spring water, nourishing food bars, and
certified organic juices. To learn more about Odwalla juices and smoothies,
as well as Odwalla's commitment to Soil to Soul, please visit
or call 1.800.ODWALLA.

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