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OFRF: Organic farming good for people, economy, soil, water

OFRF: Organic farming good for people, economy, soil, water
Organic Farming Research Foundation releases a full report extolling the multiple societal benefits of organic farming.

In what has been a flurry of conversation and controversy revolving around the nutritional advantages of organic versus nonorganic food, Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) asserts that the real advantages are far broader. Furthermore, OFRF states that the growing level of interest among consumers and health professionals begs for much greater investment in research that correlates human health to environmental health.

"Even with the minimal investment made in research today, we know that organic farming is healthier for our soil and water systems and represents one of the brightest spots in our economic landscape," stated Maureen Wilmot, executive director of OFRF. "Imagine the conclusions we could draw upon correlating organic farming and human health if we had even greater funding for organic research. Bottom line, we must increase investments relative to the opportunity organics delivers to our country and people."

The long-awaited OFRF Organic Farming for Health & Prosperity report is a science-based, peer-reviewed report on the multiple benefits of organic farming in North America. Proudly funded by Columbia Foundation, Clif Bar Family Foundation, Organic Valley's Farmers Advocating for Organics Fund, Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation, Gaia Fund, Newman's Own Foundation, Wallace Genetic Foundation and The Blooming Prairie Foundation, the report engages leading scientists, researchers and experts in organic agriculture who contribute factual perspectives on the multiple benefits of organic farming.

The audience for the Organic Farming for Health and Prosperity report includes policy makers, educators, researchers, health care professionals, business leaders and families.


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