OLAY Vitamins Help Women Fight Dry Skin -- From the Inside-Out; Renowned Dermatologist Dr. Amy Newburger Offers Ways to Treat and Prevent Dry Skin

NORTHRIDGE, Calif., May 4, 2004 -- Contrary to popular belief, dry skin is a problem that can affect women of all ages during any season. In fact, dry skin is such a pervasive problem that a recent national survey conducted by NOP World for OLAY(R) Vitamins, revealed that 65 percent out of the 519 female adults interviewed, experienced skin dryness in the past three months(1).

Most people do not realize that harsh indoor and outdoor environments (such as indoor air conditioning and heating, dry air, and outdoor exposure to salt water and chlorine) dehydrate skin, causing the inevitable itchiness, flakiness, and general irritability associated with dry skin.

"Dry skin can be a frustrating condition that is often made worse by treatments that women choose to fight the problem -- like excessive exfoliation and heavy make-up to cover dryness, which only further aggravates parched skin," says Dr. Amy Newburger, New York-based dermatologist and author of "Looking Good at Any Age."

The Science Behind Dry Skin

"Our outer layer of skin is relatively watertight and naturally prevents water from evaporating. Skin becomes dry when the outer layer is disrupted and its natural moisture is lost -- feeling tight, rough, and uncomfortable," says Dr. Newburger.

A well-balanced diet, full of nutrient-rich foods such as fish, fruits, and vegetables is necessary to help maintain skin health and prevent dryness. Clinical studies have shown that essential fatty acids such as OMEGA 3/6, which can be found in cold water fish such as salmon, or through a daily supplement, help improve dry skin(2).

Dr. Newburger offers the following tips to help stave-off dry skin:


Taking supplements for both overall health and beauty benefits is gaining in popularity. The NOP World survey found that 87 percent of women agreed that vitamins and supplements promote better health and wellness, while another 62 percent believed that taking vitamin and mineral supplements improves the appearance of facial skin.

Today's woman knows that feeling good and looking good are intrinsically linked. Dr. Newburger recommends healthy eating and exercise, drinking plenty of water, and supplementing your diet with OLAY Vitamins Essential Balanced OMEGA 3/6 and a multivitamin to maintain beautiful skin and provide vital moisture from the inside-out. OLAY Vitamins is the first vitamin line that addresses women's inner health and outer beauty needs and is scientifically formulated to help maintain healthy and radiant skin.


Contrary to popular belief, excessive washing and use of harsh exfoliants to mechanically get that squeaky-clean feeling actually prompts dry skin by breaking down the protective barrier that contains surface oils to hold in moisture.

For the face, exfoliate just once a week to help de-flake skin without causing damage. Dr. Newburger recommends the use of disposable gentle facial cleansing cloths -- they're more sanitary, and gentler on skin than loofahs that can actually breed bacteria. And for dry skin on the rest of the body, use a moisturizing body wash, which can help combat dry skin.


Moisturizing is an important step to keep skin hydrated, and one of the keys to locking it in is timing. Apply moisturizer within three minutes of showering or bathing -- hot water can be particularly drying to skin. Make moisturizing a routine to keep your skin soft and supple.

These three tips, in addition to a balanced diet and active lifestyle, are the first steps to regain a youthful glow. OLAY Vitamins is the only affordably priced line designed exclusively for women to address both their inner health and outer beauty needs, and is available at U.S. mass market retailers. The suggested retail price for OLAY Vitamins ranges from $7.99 to $24.99. For more information, please call the toll-free Consumer Affairs line at 800-710-OLAY or visit the Web site at OLAYVitamins.com.

About Pharmavite LLC

Founded in 1971, Northridge, California-based Pharmavite LLC manufactures and distributes Nature Made(R) vitamins and minerals, SAM-e, Nature's Resource(R) herbal products, and OLAY(R) Vitamins & supplements designed to promote health. Pharmavite's manufacturing facilities have been inspected and found to be in compliance with United States Pharmacopeia's (USP) Good Manufacturing Practices, the industry's most stringent standards.

Pharmavite is the first participant in the USP Verification Program for dietary supplements. USP created its Verification Program for dietary supplements to help inform and safeguard consumers who use dietary supplements. Under the Verification Program, USP evaluates and verifies supplements according to stringent standards for product purity, accuracy of ingredient labeling and proper manufacturing practices. The USP certification mark appears on the front label of all verified Nature Made and Nature's Resource supplements.

Nature Made is America's number one, broadline brand of vitamins and minerals in the food, drug, and mass channels. The Wellness Advisor (NatureMade.com), an online educational initiative, utilizes sophisticated analytical tools to provide consumers with personalized health tips and wellness solutions.

OLAY Vitamins (OLAYVitamins.com) is the first vitamin line designed exclusively for women to address both their health and beauty needs. OLAY and its logos are trademarks used under license by Pharmavite LLC, Mission Hills, CA 91346.

The dietary supplement industry is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission, as well as by government agencies in each of the 50 states.

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(1) The NOP World Survey for OLAY Vitamins was conducted February 2004.

(2) Horrobin DF: Essential fatty acid metabolism and its modification in atopic eczema. Am J Clin Nutr. 2000 Jan;71(1 Suppl):367S-72S. Review.

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