Olea25 delivers high ORAC value

Olea25 delivers high ORAC value

Study shows Olea25 contains 25 percent Hydroxytyrosol extract powder from 100 percent organic olive leaves.

Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. is pleased to announce the latest research finding for Olea25™ to exhibit an incredible total ORAC value of 68,576 µmolTE/g (6,876,600 µmolTE/100grams). This finding makes Olea25™ the only ingredient available worldwide to contain 25% Hydroxytyrosol extract powder from 100% organic olive leaves and to deliver the highest antioxidant power discovered to date to protect against a full spectrum of radicals. The research performed by Brunswick Laboratory, well respected in the industry for ORAC Values Testing. There are five predominant reactive species found in the body: Peroxyl Radicals, Hydroxyle Radicals, Peroxynitrite Radicals, Super Oxide Anion Radicals, and Single Oxygen Radicals. Total ORAC FN provides a measure of the total antioxidant power of a food/nutrition product against the five predominant reactive species. We are the only company worldwide claiming and producing 25% Hydroxytyrosol on a dry basis. Other competitors claim higher percentage of hydroxytyrosol based on liquid basis not dry basis.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed the health claim benefits of hydroxytyrosol supplements. The cardiovascular and antioxidant health claims extend to this unique ingredient and its polyphenol compounds for the protection of blood lipids from oxidative damage. Clinical studies reveal that these polyphenols taken in a low daily dose for a period of three weeks resulted in the reduction of damaged low-density lipoproteins.

In human and animal studies hydroxytyrosol has been shown to induce significant therapeutic effects on the cardiovascular system, improve the quality of life of patients with osteoporosis, and reduce markers of inflammation. These findings have all been reported in peer-reviewed internationally - recognized academic journals. Hydroxytyrosol is well absorbed following oral administration and rapidly reaches high levels in the blood. Hydroxytyrosol safety profiles are well established and is not associated with any adverse finding.

Olea25 - patent pending - granule powder contains a minimum of 25% hydroxytyrosol. It is made from cultivated organic olive leaves. Our R&D team, with more than 20 years of experience in botanical extraction technology, utilizes innovative solutions which integrate research, development, and production technology. Olea25 is manufactured under GMP and ISO Certifications and the quality control system guarantees each item on the certificate of analysis and the traceability from raw material to final extract. Olea25 is the newest discovery of a powerful SUPER antioxidant withan ORAC value exceeding 68,000 µmolTE/g, which is 15 times higher than green tea and more than 3 times higher than CoQ10. Scientific studies determine the role of antioxidants and their influence on telomere length and aging. This newly discovered nutrient will revolutionize dietary supplements for cardiovascular and DNA Telomere health. A long DNA Telomere is a sign of good health, good immune system and longevity. Short DNA Telomeres are the sign of weak immune system and may have an adverse effect on DNA duplication and the aging process. Olea25 contains Super antioxidants that may keep healthy DNA Telomeres and build the immune system.

Olea25 recommended daily dietary dosage is 100 mg. which supplies 25% hydroxytyrosol proven effective and is equivalent to the health benefits found in one liter of extra virgin olive oil. Olea25 is classified as "GRAS" and is easily made into soft gel capsules, tablets, beverages, food, skin care formulations, and cosmetic applications.

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