Olive Lifesciences expands coleus operation

Olive Lifesciences expands coleus operation

Company bumbs up Coleus forskohlii farming in India to meet mounting consumer demand for the extract.

Olive Lifesciences increased contract farming of Coleus forskohlii crop in Southern India. The company is a pioneer in the field of backward integration, assuring quality from seed to shelf. Committed Agro team at Olive Lifesciences renders free agro service and imparts the knowledge of Good Agricultural Practices to farmers.

“The demand for coleus extract is growing exponentially both in supplement and cosmetic category,” said Dr Shiv, general manager of Olive Lifesciences. “The time had come for us to increase our operations to effectively address customers demand. Those customers can expect to receive the same dedicated service they currently enjoy and new customers will find that working with Olive Lifesciences offers consistent quality material." Our 15,000 acres with more than 5,000 farmers across four states in India stands testimony to our special bond and relationship.

Apart from coleus, Olive Lifesciences is a key player in cultivation of turmeric, marigold and sesame. In 2011, the company received an award from University of Colombo for outstanding contribution in the field of conservation, cultivation and utilization of medicinal plants.

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