Omega Biotech Corporation Introduces New Consulting Division

Omega Biotech Corporation (OBC) announced today the launch of its new Consulting Division, with Mr. Murray A. Persicke, CFO and Chair Advisory Board of Omega Biotech Corporation, as the Operations Director. The Division focus includes manufacturing plant engineering design, plant project management, cosmaceutical and nutraceutical custom formulations related to antioxidants for the Food and Beverage Industry and strategic business market positioning.

“The growth and diversification of Omega Biotech Corporation has resulted in opportunities to provide specialized consulting expertise to International manufacturers and formulators. The skills, unique intellectual property and Trade Secrets that Omega Biotech Corporation has gained over the last 12 years, positions OBC to provide highly valued industry expertise in this area”, says Mr. Persicke.

Omega Biotech Consulting Division is currently engaged with International clients for the design and construction of grape seed extract manufacturing facilities. In addition, Omega Biotech Consulting Division is working with other International clients to develop specialized beverage formulations. Both these new contract groups involve OBC’s unique intellectual property and Trade Secrets.

Omega Biotech Corporation is a twelve year old, private, Canadian owned, Victoria BC based company, originally established to manufacture the natural health supplement PROTOVINä, a premium grape seed extract antioxidant powder.

Omega Biotech Corporation manufactures specialized natural antioxidant formulas, for its exclusive retail distribution. OBC products include OMEGAVIN PLUS(TM) (a full-spectrum natural antioxidant blend); Astringency Reduced PROTOVIN BQ(TM) for a wide variety of applications including wines, functional-foods, pet-foods, beverages, natural health and beauty products; Omâge™ a Transdermal Antioxidant Cream, that contains over 30 antioxidants, botanicals and essential oils, formulated for anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skin firming and brightening; and more products under development.

Omega Biotech Corporation has an exclusive International distribution relationship with OMI International Holdings (OMI). OMI provides a customer direct sales channel under its Wholesale Buyers Club. The customer saves money by receiving products directly at wholesale prices. OMI’s commitment is to provide its customers with products for their “Wellness and Goodness”; improving their Health and Beauty through ecologically sustainable product manufacturing practices.

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