Omega Expands Corporate Positions With New COO

Omega Biotech Corporation will expand its corporate officers to now include a Chief Operating Officer (COO). Murray A. Persicke, President of Omega Biotech Corporation, announced today the COO corporate position. Mr. Persicke states “with the Natural Health Products (NHP) Directorate manufacturing regulations the creation of this new corporate position offers quality assurance necessary for the delivery of Canadian products to our domestic and international customers”.

Omega will look within its own Canadian industry to, not only find a suitable COO; but also to offer jobs and equity positions to those that are directly effected by business changes in the new regulaotry environment..

Omega Biotech Corporation, NHP Site License Number 300212, is a fifteen year-old privately owned Canadian company based in Victoria BC, originally established to manufacture the natural health supplement known as PROTOVIN™—a premium grape seed extract antioxidant powder.

Omega Biotech Corporation products include: OMEGAVIN PLUS™, a full spectrum natural antioxidant blend; PROTOVIN BQ ASTRINGENCY REDUCED™, an antioxidant powder that can be used for a wide variety of beverage applications since it does not influence taste, color, or clarity when used in recommended amounts; and OMÂGE™ and SPORT OMÂGE™, a nourishing face and body cream created from a network of bioactive super antioxidants.

Murray A. Persicke, International Business Inquiries
email: [email protected]
telephone: 250.881.8126 or fax: 250.881.8136

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