Omega Protein Receives 2009 Friend of the Sea Award

Omega Protein was pleased to accept the 2009 Friend of the Sea Award as a result of its dedicated efforts towards sustainability and environmental stewardship at Friend of the Sea Day in Brussels, Belgium. Omega Protein was chosen as the leading sustainable organization in the fish meal and oil category from among a group of organizations meeting the rigorous standards of the certification process.

“The Friend of the Sea Award encourages and motivates fisheries to reduce their environmental impact and protect fisheries from becoming over-exploited,” said Paolo Bray, director of Friend of the Sea. Bray, who presented Omega Protein this award, continued, “I have been pleased to work with Omega Protein and know there is no other organization more deserving of this award. Omega Protein is dedicated to the sustainability of the menhaden population.”

Friend of the Sea is a global, non-profit, non-governmental organization that concentrates its efforts in the conservation of marine habitats and resources. Friend of the Sea is currently the main seafood certification program in the world, having assessed more than 10 million metric tons of wild-catch and 500 thousand metric tons of farmed products.

“It’s a privilege to be recognized for our commitment to a sustainable menhaden fishery,” said Joseph von Rosenberg III, President and CEO of Omega Protein. He added, “We are dedicated to responsible fishing to ensure a healthy resource.”

Omega Protein not only meets the rigorous certification standards of Friend of the Sea, but also works closely with regional, state, and federal management bodies to regulate its fishing efforts and the menhaden population. Government stock assessments conclude the
menhaden fishery is healthy, not over-fished, and over-fishing is not occurring.

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